dermandar – online panorama creator for iPhone

dermandar is a free panorama creating tool for iPhone that lets you create and save 360 degree panoramic images and photos online.

dermandar free panorama creating tool

You don’t need any professional equipment or knowledge to create panoramic pictures, just shoot your pictures by using your normal camera and upload them to Dermandar and that it.

dermandar panorama creating tool

it will automatically stitching them, resize them and give you pixel perfect panoramic image preview within seconds. from the preview you can download them on your computer and publicly share your panoramic picture or with your friends only.

it has fully automated capturing system, Blazing fast panorama stitching, immersive 3D viewer, Full 360 degrees panoramic view and built-in social media sharing options that make your panoramic image more beautiful and easy to share with your friends.

Features of dermandar

  1. free Online panoramic photo creation tool. no need to download or registration are required.
  2. Available as IPhone Apps.
  3. Automatically resize image no need to resize manually.
  4. Easily Embed panoramas on to your site.
  5. Blazing fast stitching
  6. Full light exposure control
  7. Immersive 3D viewer, pinch or double tap to zoom, auto play.
  8. Full 360 degree panorama image.
  9. Web gallery
  10. “Near me” Gallery, see panoramas near your location.

Download : Dermandar

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