DesignerVista- GUI Mockups design software for Mobile, Web and Desktop Applications

DesignerVista is a GUI mockup software for your desktop, website and mobile. It is an easy to use tool that lets you design desktop, mobile and web applications very quickly. It is versatile in natures a sit allows both high-fidelity and low-fidelity mockups to be created. It has an intuitive user interface with multiple tools that lets you test your creativity. This software lets you save time and money. It does not require huge investments and the advanced quality of mockups it produces is true value for money.

DesignerVista gui mockup

Using this software you can design professional looking GU mockups. You can use a number of native controls, widgets, clip arts, icons etc. to create these mockups. These mockups can be exported as PDF files or HTML documents and shared with your distributors and stakeholders. You can also save them as images and include them in your PowerPoint presentations.

You can copy-paste them into other applications such as Microsoft Paint.NET, Word, PowerPoint programs and more. You can avail the several templates available with DesignerVista. There are more than 100 designs for web, mobile and desktop applications. You can insert random text. This eliminates the need to type tediously. GUI mockups are available in different themes such as Vista, Sketch, Plain etc.

You can select anyone as per your requirement. Designervista is available under 4 packages- Windows Desktop GUI mockups, Website, web applications and rich client GUI mockups, Mobile application GUI mockups and Low fidelity sketch applications GUI mockups. You can download the 20 days free trial version from the internet. You can send purchase orders online in the official website of DesignerVista.

Features of DesignerVista

  1. It allows a wide range of versatility. You can design GUI Mockups for Windows desktop, .NET forms, Java SWT, Java Swing, and Microsoft Office Style applications.
  2. You can also design GUI Mockups for web applications such as Rich Client, Silverlight, Sharepoint and YUI.
  3. You can create GUI mockups for IPhone, Windows Phone 7 and Android applications for mobile devices.
  4. Sketch GUI mockups are another important feature of Designervista.
  5. You can effortlessly insert a link on any page and transfer the workflow.
  6. You can create GUI mockups in HTML and share them with your clients. They do not need to install Designervista in order to view your designs.
  7. DesignerVista has a presentation feature which allows you to use your designs as images and create attractive presentations.
  8. You can set UI specifications from different sections like Menu bars, Navigation Panel, Work Space etc. and also produce UI Spec reports in HTML.
  9. You can take down notes from developers or perform brainstorming sessions. This also helps you generate reports.

Graphical User Interface is of utmost importance in order to grow your business. It gives the users an easier platform to understand your product and a superior user interface. Therefore it is imperative that you design your graphical user interface adequately.

Download : DesignerVista GUI Mockup Software

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