DesignSvn – Subversion and collaboration tool for designer

DesignSvn is a very useful application to organize designs, collaborate, share, deliver them, and get feedbacks easily. With this unique application, users can easily keep a track of their changes made in designs.

DesignSvn Subversion collaboration tool

The application is made for the creative people who want to concentrate on their creative work without putting so much effort on the organizing part. An ideal application for the illustrators, logo designers and web designers, DesignSvn does the task of keeping a track of changes, organizing designs, draft and share them, etc. automatically without troubling the user.

The application works on draft-feedback-approval iteration. The version control system has tools like Mercurial, Git and Subversion that helps the users to keep a track of the design changes and integrates the user’s workflow. The application enables the users to version the user’s designs and keeps the details of all the changes made from start to end.

There are plenty of tools and features in DesignSvn that helps in communicating and collaborating within the team and collecting approvals and feedbacks from the clients. The simple yet interesting interface helps the users to stay engaged and store their creative piece easily. The simple to use application also has a clean interface where the tools and option buttons are organized in such a way so that they are easily accessible by the user.

Features of DesignSvn

  1. Easy to manage and organize designs- The application, DesignSvn, helps in organizing and managing the designs easily. It is an ideal application for the creative people like logo designers, illustrators and web designers who want to concentrate on their creative part solely.
  2. Version control feature- The design managing application consists of Version Control system with features like Mercurial, Subversion and Git that are made to serve for the application developers as well as for the designers.
  3. Completely independent system- DesignSvn is a completely independent system that enables the users to develop their own completely independent systems that can be easily controlled by the tap of few buttons.
  4. Intuitive tools support- The intuitive tools of this application help in communicating as well as collaborating with the design team and enable the user in collecting approvals & feedbacks from the clients.
  5. Image annotation feature- image annotation helps the users to annotate full-sized design sections with small comments like explanations, definitions, questions and feedbacks. These annotations or comments are tagged visually on complete sized design previews.
  6. Easily organize the creative piece in a beautiful interface- The application helps the user to manage as well as organize their creative pieces into a simple yet attractive interface, from where it can be easily fetched whenever needed. These user made designs are generally stored in the form of concepts and are segregated neatly by their subjects or types in the workplaces.
  7. Easy to share- The application helps in easy sharing of these designs within the team members and clients so that they can comment, approve or provide feedbacks on the design.

DesignSvn is a very innovative yet a very useful application for those into designing field. With a user friendly interface and plenty of tools, the application is a boon for the creative people.

Download : DesignSvn

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