DeskAway – The Best online project collaboration Tool for Small Teams

DeskAway is a online project management and team collaboration software that provide central collaboration platform for your teams to easily organize, manage and track their projects & work.

The best place where DeskAway is in large use is the small projects where they are only a handful number of users. It thus provides a project management which is absolutely free.

deskaway - Online Project Management And Team Collaboration SoftwareDeskAway is a good application not only due to its cheap price but also for its good quality. DeskAway is ideal for the use in business accounts and large projects With DeskAway the following features are possible, milestones can be set, list problems, create tasks, relevant documents uploading, blogs can be created that enables participants to view them, discussion form development , email reminders can be set up and several other features.

DeskAway is the most important thing in project management. The set-up of DeskAway is very easy to use and it always the suits the needs of your type. DeskAway makes the life of yours much easier, rather than making it difficult.

Features of DeskAway

  1. Within Your Workplace :
    • Company marketing and website is related directly to the Internal projects.
    • All of your contacts can be stored from conferences, seminars or several other events.
    • Track project deadlines and sale meetings in only one calendar.
    • Common process of document type is related to marketing, HR, sales etc..
    • Issues related to customer support can be easily logged.
    • Reminders as well as customer invoices can be set up for payment.
  2. Clients Projects :
    • Client project of yours can be managed by you with respect to your business that involves development, business consulting, marketing, training or design.
    • Communications & Messaging
    • Brainstorming, inter-office communication and discussion.
    • Private Blogs of your internal company can be maintained.
    • Status updates
    • Marketing project can be synchronized by you across departments.
    • Across university departments projects can be shared.
    • Classroom notes can be managed.
    • Startup mentoring.
    • Discussions and lab reports.
  3. File/ Document Storage :
    • External and internal files as well documents (templates, plans etc.) can be stored.
    • Artwork can be shared with contractors and freelancers.
    • Code snippets, notes and several other issues can be shared with the team members.
    • You can evaluate drafts while you are working with architects and designers.
  4. Accountability/ Delegation :
    • Goal tracker and Employee task.
    • Recurring tasks can be set up for the purpose of backing up of your files week by week.
    • Workload evaluation and simple performance for employees.
    • Employee time can be tracked on various activities and projects.
    • Virtual assistants are provision with a platform of delegation.

DeskAway is the most important thing in project management. So for all these, it is used largely all over.

Download : DeskAway

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