dhtmlxSpreadsheet – Excel-like Ajax web spreadsheet

dhtmlxSpreadsheet is an excel-like ajax web spreadsheet is written in JavaScript and PHP. It enables you to quickly add a simple Excel-style editable data table on a web page.

dhtmlxSpreadsheet - Ajax Spreadsheet widget to create Excel-style editable tables on web page

In contrast to online services like Google Docs, the dhtmlxSpreadsheet keeps the content from the database table and displays it in an Excel-style spreadsheet with basic cell formatting, math functions, and keyboard navigation support.

The spreadsheet can be displayed in edit or read-only mode. All changes made in a table (add/edit/delete records) are automatically saved to the database.

dhtmlxSpreadsheet provides built-in export to PDF and Excel, as well as clipboard support.

With a simple installer, it takes a few minutes to get a data table with basic cell formatting, math functions, and keyboard navigation.

dhtmlxSpreadsheet is also available as a plugin for WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, and ModX.

Features of dhtmlxSpreadsheet – Excel-like Ajax web spreadsheet

  1. Easy to share, manage, and integrate web-based data tables on your website, blog, etc..
  2. Simple Database configuration.
  3. CMS Integration plugin for Joomla!, WordPress, Drupal, and ModX.
  4. Support for Basic Cell formatting
  5. Math Formulas
  6. Easy to export your Spreadsheet into PDF and Excel format.
  7. Intuitive keyboard navigation support
  8. Easy to Use and Set-Up
  9. Familiar spreadsheet interface
  10. Offer Script API for Developers
  11. offer Unlimited number of sheets per database

Download: dhtmlxSpreadsheet

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