Diagramo – web based HTML5 diagram editor


Diagramo is a web based HTML5 diagram editor that allow you to create, edit and share diagrams, organizational charts, network diagrams and flowcharts directly from web browser similar like regular desktop applications. It’s an web based diagram editor means user can share their diagrams with anyone and they don’t need to purchase or install any software to view the diagrams.

Diagramo - HTML5 diagram editor

Every diagram you created with diagramo have their own permalink which you can easily share with others, who can only view or edit the diagram easily without installing any browser plugin or extension. you can also export your diagrams as PNG and GIF. it will permanently save your diagrams on there server, so you can any time access to all the diagrams and graphs that were created using Diagramo. Currently Diagramo is a available under public beta.

Website : Diagramo – HTML5 diagram editor

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