Diary – twitter style online diary for manage your plans and tasks

Diary.com provides a very efficient and effective way for the management of their upcoming plans and tasks. This also allows them to build a diary that is universal and is used every day.


User can easily access there Diary online via mobile devices, that allows user to update their diary at anytime from anywhere. A calendar is also combined with the Diary, so that it is easy to make a list and even addition of journals into one single application.

Users are free to sync up Outlook, Facebook, Twitter and Google Calendar for filling up the gaps that has been left. For example, a good and intuitive calendar is not offered by Facebook, but invitations are posted on the very site itself by many users.

Diary enables the pull of the invitation of the user from Facebook so that it is well-placed into their respective schedule, thereby all the other calendars are synced up in this very process.

The journal feature enables the users to add a note that allows not only permits the notes to keep shared but also private. Social as well private activities are also well-maintained by the user through the use of Diary and it also allows the users to post the things a user likes such as the release of upcoming film.

Diary.com was developed by the people who lived in Shoreditch, London. Diary was created by them with a clear intention of syncing the user profile and also to make up for the flaws or the gaps that has been left behind by any other application that is popular.

Diary is of great use at the present moment and it will also prove to be very beneficial in the future as well. There are multiple ways to maintain schedules, store social and personal information online and write journals.

Diary provides the users a much better way for sync all the required information. Several in formations are posted by several users with Google Calendars through the use of Facebook, Twitter and Outlook.

The profiles of the user can be kept up to date and even important dates can be shared by the users. The colored style in which Diary.com welcomes all its users is great to watch and its fun as well.

Features of Diary

  1. It’s an Journal that is pretty easy to work with and it also enables the publication of pictures as well as updates to certain co-workers, friends or family.
  2. Diary provides a Task list that is very easy to work with.
  3. Weekly, Daily Email Agendas as well as reminders for your plans, Anniversaries, Special Dates and even Birthdays.
  4. Setting are entirely Private, that prevents you to share something even accidentally.
  5. Reliable and Secure

Diary.com is of great use to all the persons who cannot effective manage the accounts of social networking as well as their calendars scheduled for meeting. A very helpful service is offered by Diary.com besides being easy and very fun to work with.

Download : Diary

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