Free Digital Timeline Creator – Dipity

Dipity is a free digital timeline creator where users can organize, share, embed, and collaborate their web content like articles, blog posts, video, audio, images, text, links on interactive, visually engaging timelines.

Dipity - free digital timeline creator

It allows the user to create free real-time timelines that directly and automatically pulled highly relevant content from socially-curated sites and organize them in a single, easy to use, fun to navigate interface.

Digital Timelines is a unique concept for engaging your site audience and increase traffic to your website.

It’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to bring history to life with stunning multimedia timelines.

Dipity is a perfect Timeline creating a tool for people who uses the Internet for their daily use.

The tool uses by newspaper journalists, celebrities, government organizations, politicians, financial institutions, community managers, museums, universities, teachers, students, non-profits, and bloggers.

Features of Dipity – free digital timeline creator

  1. Create three personal digital timelines for free
  2. User can add 150 events for free
  3. Review statistics and analytics for your timelines
  4. Easy to print your timetables directly from Dipity
  5. 5000 embed page views allow for free per month
  6. free 50 MB upload Space
  7. Design and Branding
  8. Pay as you go, no long term contracts, no sign-up fee, no termination fee for premium Account
  9. Find Serendipity
  10. Act All web 2.0
  11. Spark a Buzz
  12. Embed timelines into a website or blog.

Download: Dipity Digital Timeline

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