Dito Directory – Shared Contacts Manager for Google Apps

Dito Directory is a shared contacts manager that allow site administrator to upload, create, and modify Domain Shared Contacts and User Profiles that are shared across the domain. Dito directory is also easily integrated with Google apps so user can easily copy your Shared Contacts to your Personal Contacts.

Dito Directory - Shared Contacts Manager

Features of Dito Directory

  1. Easy to edit, view contacts
  2. Users can easily update their own contact information
  3. Only Administrative can easily Add up to 10 Contacts
  4. Only Administrative can delete and edit Contacts
  5. Make groups (admins only)
  6. Work as Global Address Book (External Contacts) Management
  7. Support for Mobile Access & Delegated Administration
  8. Admin proxies – Give non-admin domain users the permission to administer Dito Directory/Shared Contacts.( Pro version feature)
  9. Directory mobile – Access a mobile-optimized version of Dito Directory.Try it on your iPhone or Android browsers. (Pro version feature)
  10. Contact Photos – Upload a contact photo for any of your domain shared contacts. (Pro version feature)
  11. Easy to Add Google Groups to Shared Contacts (Pro version feature) (Pro version feature)
  12. User Profile Editing (Pro version feature)
  13. Users and Admins can copy contacts to their Personal Contacts, instantly. (Pro version feature)
  14. View Groups and Group Members (Pro version feature)

Download : http://ditoweb.com/

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