The Best 14 DLNA Streaming Apps For iPhone

DLNA stands for “Digital Living Network Alliance,” which is an international group of organizations. These companies have set some standards and guidelines that need to follow by DNLA devices to share the media files such as pictures, music, videos over a home network.

If a device receives a DLNA certification, then once it’s connected to your home network. It will be able to communicate with other connected DLNA certified devices over the home network.I have compiled a handy list of DLNA streaming applications and their features that help you choose the best DLNA streaming app for the iPhone.

Top 14 DLNA Streaming Apps For iPhone

1 Fusion Stream DLNA Digital Media App

SmartStor Fusion Stream

SmartStor Fusion Stream

Fusion Stream DLNA Digital Media App is a simple DLNA Streaming Apps For iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It allows you to stream Pictures, Music, and Video files stored on SmartStor DMS (Digital Media server) from anywhere.

It supports uploading your digital media files to SmartStor DMS from your iPhone, also allows you to retrieve or download your uploaded content from SmartStor DMS to your iPhone.

One of its components, Digital Media Controller, allows browsing of content stored on the digital media server and controls the playback device remotely. It also supports creating, saving, and loading playlists remotely. Overall it’s a great DLNA Streaming application; however, the only problem is that it sometimes gets crashed abruptly.


  1. Playlist Management
  2. Create and save a Playlist
  3. Your Playlists save under My Device in the Server list.
  4. Multitasking
  5. iOS multitasking is fully supported
  6. Come with a search tool that makes it easy to locate music, pictures, and videos on any Digital Media Servers in the home.

SmartStor Fusion

2 Media:connect

media connect - DLNA Streaming Apps For iPhone

media connect - DLNA Streaming Apps For iPhone

Media: connect is the complete DLNA streaming apps for the iPhone. It is a convenient DLNA streaming app for iPhone, which needs basic settings to be done and operated by anyone from beginners to a geek very easily.


  1. Allow streaming of music and pictures stored on any DLNA enabled devices directly from iPhone.
  2. Easy to play all media formats compatible with iOS devices from your DLNA enabled DMS.
  3. Fully controlled digital media renderer remotely.
  4. Play the media formats like AVI, VOB, DivX, Xvid from your DLNA enabled DMS via seamless integration with flex: player.
  5. TV output for video playback.
  6. It allows downloading of the media during streaming and even after disconnection.
  7. The app comes with a built-in digital media renderer that allows the device to controlled them remotely.
  8. It supports FLAC audio Codec, which allows digital audio to improve without loss of quality.
  9. Help you to stream Internet Radio powered by SHOUTcast.


3 AirPlayer

AirPlayer - DLNA Streaming Apps For iPhone

AirPlayer - DLNA Streaming Apps For iPhone

AirPlayer is a DLNA streaming app for iPhone that streams music, pictures, and videos on your iPhone from UPnP/DLNA media servers. It allows accessing media files from Windows 7 to your DLNA enables iPhone directly.


  1. It can discover DMS on the local network automatically with an auto-refresh facility.
  2. You are manually connecting to a server for easily streaming your data on your iPhone.
  3. Easy to stream almost all media formats.
  4. Provide support for photo browser and thumbnails
  5. Showing a snapshot of the media file
  6. Search function to instantly search media
  7. It’s an excellent DLNA Apps except that it does not allow streaming media in HD.


4 MLPlayer

MLPlayer - DLNA Streaming Apps For iPhone

Media Link Player (MLPlayer) is a DLNA streaming app for iPhone, which allows streaming media files stored in DLNA/UPnP servers directly from the iPhone.

It provides supports for streaming media files like pictures, Music, and videos from Windows 7 Media Server and various NAS Media link player. It is available in two versions one is a lite version, and another is the full version.


  1. It supports the DLNA v1.5 Mobile Digital Media Player function.
  2. Help you to connect your iPhone to UPnP/DLNA media servers.
  3. Come with an image viewer that supports functions like thumbnail viewer, rotating images, slide-show, etc.
  4. The Lite version supports media file formats like H.264 for Movie, AAC, and MP3 for Music, JPEG, and PNG for Image.


5 BUZZ Player

BUZZ Player

BUZZ Player is a highly recommended apps if you are looking for DLNA streaming apps for the iPhone. It provides support to various audio and video codecs, file formats, and different streaming protocols.


  1. BUZZ Player Awesomely supports almost all media, audio, and Video Formats.
  2. Support for High Definition (HD) video playback.
  3. Provide Subtitles in almost all languages and allow users to change various subtitle settings: font color, font size, font type, position, etc.
  4. Work correctly on various protocols such as HTTP, FTP, RTP, RTSP, MMS, Net stream (mpst://), SMB, FFmpeg://, etc., playing media files not only from local servers but also from remote servers and devices.
  5. Allows the connecting devices to the internet through cellular networks such as GPRS, EGPRS, and 3G.

Overall, BUZZ Player is a versatile DLNA application that supports almost all media formats. – BUZZ Player

6 8player

8player DLNA Streaming Apps For iPhone

8player is a new DLNA streaming application for iPhone that helps you stream video, Music & photo from any DLNA/UPnP server. Users can access media content directly from the iPhone or use 8player as a remote control for any DLNA compatible player.


  1. Support a wide variety of media file formats such as Image Formats: jpeg, png, BMP, gif, ico, tiff, etc. Video Formats: 3gp, Avi, mp4, MOV, mpg, WMV, m4v, Mkv, asf, Flv, Ogg, VOB, etc. Audio Formats: mp3, WMA, aac, WAV, AIF, alac, FLAC, etc.
  2. Handy and user-friendly application.
  3. iOS 5 devices and AirPlay supported
  4. Playback over the 3G network
  5. Background audio playback.
  6. It offers subtitles in almost all languages.





DiXiM DMC allows you to stream MPEG-4 format with awesomely high quality and excellent stability. Users also stream audio and images from any DLNA/ UPnP server on the network to your iPhone. Stream and play your content on the PlayList Management, Automatically Playback your Media, Easy to View preview before sending it to the renderer.


  1. It supports a very narrow range of media file formats like MPEG-4 for videos, MP3, AAC for audios, and JPEG, PNG for images. However, for whatever formats it supports, it gives the highest quality output with excellent stability.
  2. It provides a DiXiM Media Server from which media files can easily stream on any iPhone.
  3. Allow you to stream media files from local servers.


8 ConnectR



The functionality that lacks in most DLNA streaming apps for iPhone is radio. However, It comes with the in-built Radio streaming functionality where users can select and stream radio stations from 10,000 internet radio stations. Users can choose, steam, and control media from a local computer, server, or NAS device and control DAB and FM radios.


  1. In-built Radio streaming tools and have access to over 10,000 internet radio stations and Podcast services.
  2. Auto-detects the modes supported on the radio and configures the app’s screens according to the needs.
  3. USB music player
  4. UPnP music player
  5. EQ settings
  6. Radio on/off
  7. Recall of radio station presets
  8. Last.FM, Modes
  9. Control of multiple radios
  10. iPhone or iPod docking
  11. Radio presets
  12. Volume.
  13. It also allows streaming music files from local servers or NAS devices.


9 Onkyo Remote

Onkyo Remote Top 14 DLNA Streaming Apps For iPhone

Onkyo Remote application allows music streaming and also used as a remote control for Onkyo network A/V receivers.


  1. Allows Radio stations selection by hand, without the need to view a TV display.
  2. general remote-control button operations
  3. A unique volume control operation
  4. accelerometer.
  5. The Now Playing screen displays.
  6. Onkyo Remote Control App is compatible with iPhone 3GS or later, iOS 4.2 or later devices.

10 PlugPlayer

PlugPlayer Top 14 DLNA Streaming Apps For iPhone

PlugPlayer is one of the most user-friendly DLNA streaming apps for iPhone that can stream almost anything. Even offer support directly streaming other iOS Devices from the iCloud.


  1. It allows pushing pictures, videos, music from the built-in server or external servers to Media Renderers or AirPlay supported devices.
  2. It lets you stream data directly from iCloud into your iPhone.
  3. Supports manually added devices in case if they are not discoverable due to network connectivity problems.
  4. Provide advanced device configuration, which allows you to stream music and video from remote servers or even over VPN.
  5. It makes sure that your iDevice remote servers will be discoverable by other media renderers.


11 ArkMC

ArkMC Top 14 DLNA Streaming Apps For iPhone

ArkMC Top 14 DLNA Streaming Apps For iPhone

ArkMC is a handy DLNA streaming app for iPhone that allows you to stream all media files on your iPhone from any DLNA/UPnP server in your home network. – ArkMC


  1. Work as Digital Media Renderer (DMR) in the Home network.
  2. Support a wide range of media formats like 3GP, AVI, WMV, MP4, MKV, MPG/MPEG, TS, M2TS, VOB, FLV, MOV, M4V, ASF.
  3. Allow browsing through DLNA server libraries in your home network.
  4. You are managing all your devices from inside as well as outside your network environment.
  5. Stream any media content from any DLNA players in the network.
  6. Fully controlled local Playback.

12 mediaCTRL

mediaCTRL Top 14 DLNA Streaming Apps For iPhone

MediaCTRL for iPhone allows you to browse the media content stored on your computer or network drive and play it on your DLNA enabled TV. You can also play your mobile media files on your television over a Wi-Fi connection.

It is fully compatible with the market’s best-selling connectivity devices and uses cutting-edge technology for playing, sharing, and controlling network media. It doesn’t allow connecting devices to the internet through cellular networks such as GPRS, EGPRS, and 3G. – media curl

13 GoodPlayer

GoodPlayer Top 14 DLNA Streaming Apps For iPhone

GoodPlayer is a DLNA streaming application that allows streaming a vast range of media file formats directly on iDevices using iTunes File Sharing or over Wi-Fi. If you are looking for the best video player powered with DLNA streaming capability for your iPhone, then GoodPlayer is the best pick for you.


  1. Supports a wide range of media file formats such as MP4, RM, RMVB, AC3, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, AVI, Xvid, Divx, DAT, VOB, FLV, WMV, MKV, RTSP, MMS, SFTP, SMB, MMSH, MMST, RTP, UPnP, UDP and so on
  2. Fully Touch Controlled subtitles and audio track playback.
  3. TV-out/VGA out, HDMI TV-out, and Video Mirroring.
  4. Work with a variety of languages and srt, smi, “idx+sub,” Mkv embedded subtitles.
  5. Twenty-four bits of actual color give the best visual user experience.
  6. Easy to open video and audio files from email attachments and Safari web browser.
  7. Customize your subtitles in the sense of font, font size, and font color, etc.
  8. Provide support for the AirPlay feature.
  9. HTTP/FTP Wi-Fi file sharing
  10. Password protection for folders
  11. Built-in file manager
  12. UPnP/DLNA/WebDAV/SFTP supported.


14 Kinsky

Linn Kinsky Top 14 DLNA Streaming Apps For iPhone

Kinsky Top 14 DLNA Streaming Apps For iPhone

Linn Kinsky is a DLNA streaming app for iPhone that offers you full control of your Linn DS system from a DLNA enabled iPhone.


  1. It allows you to browse your music collection by album artwork.
  2. Easy to change the playlist in any room instantly.
  3. Play music all over your home with the highest quality, excellent stability, and perfect synchronization.
  4. Let’s easily control volume in any room independently.
  5. OpenHome Media Players
  6. UPnP and AV Media Renderers
  7. Linn DS systems running Davaar firmware


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