DMG Forums – free Forum/Portal Application For ASP.NET

DMG Forums is an free and open source based forum/portal application for MS SQL or MySQL databases. it’s a highly customizable, dynamic & scalable forum/portal applications that allow you to create unlimited no. of content or forum pages.

DMG Forums

it also allow you to edit entire site with feature-rich administration tools, where user can completely design and maintain the application without ever having to look at the source code.The layout manager allows you to easily switch from one design to another with the click of a button.

Users can have customized profile pages and create personal blogs or private discussion boards that are completely separated from the main forums.

features of DMG Forums

  1. fully customizable web portal system that can be used for limitless web applications.
  2. Contains dozens of special codes available to admins that make designing dynamic pages easy.
  3. Support for multiple databases – Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MSDE, or SQL Server Express as database back-end software.
  4. Online forums display numerous tutorials on how to modify and add modules to the DMG Forums core.
  5. All source code is a .NET Framework 2.0 compatible.
  6. Full web pages can be designed using the web forms available without having to edit ASP.NET pages directly.
  7. Use multiple installations of DMG Forums with single database.
  8. Forums are organized by categories, which can be browsed individually.
  9. Forums can be locked, hidden, or given special permissions for who can view them.
  10. Easy to make sticky post or can be posted to the homepage as a "News" topic.
  11. Special "Forums Codes" are available to users for formatting posts and displaying links, images, YouTube videos, and other customized text.
  12. Private messaging for registered user
  13. Moderators can be given moderation privileges only to forums specified by the admin.

Download : DMG Forums Version 3.2 (full install)

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