DoAttend – online event registration app for Event Managers

DoAttend allows the creation, publication and promotion of events freely on a web. Basically it’s an online event registration app that meets the user requirements depending upon their types. Personalized web-pages can be created which provides the ease-of-use in the field of online registration system.

doattend online event registration app

Set it up on your personalized event page with our easy to use registration system. The event can be viewed at any convenient internet domain and the main advantage is that its service is absolutely free. The region of event attendance is mainly dealt in by Do Attend.

The conception of specific tickets marks the beginning of this feature and each and every attendees get a fare discount on their purchases which in provided by the event manager. Web-sites can be created within a matter of few seconds and they can be even shared that encourages the sale of tickets.

Features of DoAttend

  1. Ease in handling multiple events : All the impending as well as preceding events are displayed in a single page on DoAttend.
  2. It is really very beneficial if you serve as the host daily.
  3. URL can be shared on your Profile page which will certainly allow any number of visitors to view your impending events. All the events are available on a single profile page. This also allows preference of profile pages as well as their registration can also be done.
  4. Registration tracking & up to the minute stats : All the details regarding the registrations are kept here. If you go through the registration summary at a very high speed then also you will be able to get a clear knowledge of all the information that you are in urgent need of. The details of attendance of the people are kept which helps you to track those people who are particular in attending your classes as well those people who do not pay any heed to attend classes. Conversion of registration to CSV can be done at any-time at ease.
  5. Directory events of DoAttend : Publicity of your event can be achieved on listing them on Events Directory. All the impending events can be viewed by the people from any part of the city. Specification of particular events is also possible in this technique as certain people may find a high degree of liking in some particular event. Thousands and thousands of people can be reached via the powerful media of registration and searching of events on does attend.
  6. Customization of the registration form : Specific information should be gathered d from all sorts of people including guests and attendees. You can create your own customized fields from existing fields. The order of appearance of specific fields in the registration form can be also specified using this technique.

Do Attend is a matter of common preference for event manager who likes to work on some limited budget. Hosting of free events is also possible here nothing is charged for the service provided by Non-profits. It is pretty safe to use Do Attend is it is very less susceptible to risks. No extra amount is charged for using this service but commission on per ticket has to be paid.

Download : DoAttend – online event registration app

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