Docmein – Free online appointment scheduling software for healthcare providers

Docmein is a newly developed online service that is located in the Silicon-Valley. This is innovative online appointment scheduling software that manage patient appointments online. It offers great flexibility in the medical field and has proved to be a very useful thing for the upcoming generation. The IT solutions provided by this service in the medical field include primary care of eyes, teeth and many other things.

Docmein online appointment scheduling

The online facility provided by this system includes the aide memoire of the dates of appointments of patients there-by making it easier for them to remember the dates of appointments. This provides a completely free service that completely ensures the time check-ups of the patients.

The healthcare services are provided to you via internet and you can easily access it using any suitable web-browser of your choice. Online provision of healthcare services marks its difference from the rest of the software’ of similar type. Each and every patient get to know their appointments in advance with aid of the reminders that reminds them of their appointments.

Docmein is the latest invention and the main advantage of this feature is that it can be accessed through both the latest web-feature as well as from the mobile services. Docmein is used for only smaller applications and is not used for specialized purposes. The patients are reminded of their appointments either via phone or any other similar type of equipment and this feature helps them to get their suitable time for appointments. This software even reminds the user of the person as well as number to be dialed when necessary.

Features of Docmein

  1. Confirmation of appointments : Whenever the date of an appointment is fixed for a person he/she needs to respond to the email sent to the concerned person for the purpose of confirmation or cancellation of the appointment. The email can be answered by clicking on the link that in contained within the email.
  2. Practice Calendar : Graphical interfaces enable the practitioners to view the existing appointments. In case of any rescheduling of appointment the concerned patient is always notified via that person’s email. Color coding is an important feature of this software that enables the practitioners to use various colors for the various concerned purpose. While the changes in appointments can be notified by one color, on the other hand the confirmation of appointments can be notified via another color.
  3. Integration of Calendar : An attachment is contained with every email. The Patients’ email software always notifies this attachment and whenever it finds an attachment they are automatically attached to your calendar without even confirming it from the patient.
  4. Appointment : Appointments are automatically reminded to the patients via their email. Thus the day of appointment is automatically notified to the patient through their email.
  5. Presence of Web : Any preferred page containing any desired information can be published. This may include anything and everything you wish to publish.
  6. Patient Self-Service : The patients can update their appointments at any time and they can even cancel or reschedule their appointments. Any changes made into your appointment will be immediately notified onto your practice calendar. This can be done anytime using the facility of web.
  7. Therefore to ensure the safety of your health, you should utilize this modern tool as it is very much effective.

Download : DocMeIn

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