Dolphin Browser HD – Android Mobile browser with multi touch Gestures support

Dolphin browser HD is one of the best and fully featured mobile web browser for Android with tons of features including tabbed browsing, Dolphin Sidebar, Speed dial, Dolphin Webzine etc..

Dolphin Browser HD - Android Mobile browser with multi touch Gestures support

Dolphin Browser HD is the world’s first mobile web browser for android that have multi touch Gestures browsing, browser Add-on functionality and voice control (Sonar) based operating .

Dolphin Browser HD - Android Mobile browser with multi touch Gestures support

it use Webkit engine and the native platform rendering capabilities, which allow user to browse web from anywhere with a small disk footprint, so your mobile web browser never eat your mobile RAM.

Dolphin mobile web Browser HD

You can also improve your mobile Web browsing experience by installing the Add-ons for the tasks you need at your fingertips.

Features of Dolphin Browser HD

  1. Multi touch gestures browsing : Gestures browsing simplifies your mobile web browsing. User can easily create custom gestures for every individual websites also it has pre programmed gestures for many popular website like “T” use for Twitter and “F” use for Facebook. just draw your custom gesture on your mobile screen to launch your favorite website.
  2. Dolphin Sonar – it allow you to Search,  Share and Navigate your browser by shaking your phone and telling Dolphin what to do.
  3. Add-ons : Dolphin Add-ons enables any action to be done right within the browser. You can check out the Add-on features with 3 preloaded on your right Sidebar.
  4. Multi touch Zoom : user can easily Zoom in any web page on mobile by Pinch your fingers on the screen and make the text bigger or smaller. Double tap the target area to zoom in and out again.
  5. Tabbed browsing : improve your mobile web browsing by adding tabs at the top of your screen and manage them in window or tab format.
  6. Sidebar : With Dolphin Sidebar, user can swipe to the Right Sidebar and Left Sidebar to quickly launch additional features like Right sidebar for browse your bookmarks and folders and Left sidebar for switch to full screen or open your favorite Add-ons.
  7. Speed Dial : Open your favorite website using Speed Dial, just like instantly call your friends by suing Speed Dial. You can add up to 10 and access Speed Dial each time you open a new tab.
  8. Smart Address Bar : Smart Address bar with auto-completing URL and context menus.
  9. Bookmarks Folder : organize your bookmarks into folders and categorize them any way you like on your mobile phone.
  10. User Agent : User Agent switcher allow you to Switch your website between desktop and mobile view according to your needs with the Dolphin User Agent.

Download : Dolphin Browser HD

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