Doris – free productivity tool to getting things done easily

Doris an application that claims to be a comfortable web mechanism, especially for those who are always under workload. No matter wherever you reside it keeps you alert about your tasks that are yet to be accomplished.

Doris free productivity tool

its conception was out of the need to chalk out daily business as in to manage the assignments. Unfortunately after surveying the square the net result wasn’t satisfactory that’s the reason behind this application.

London situated Seagull System gratifying UK as well as in world emporium, established it from 1997 rather started giving it a shape.

Doris aims to bring out the best way method to arrange and co-operate web, desktop & cell application. The ingredients are straight and clean.

First of all it focused on making the flow of projects a lucid one and to get rid of the burden of meeting the target date.

Secondly the user interface has to be up to the mark smooth one, keyboard synchronization and over all it should be spontaneous. Speed rather accessibility matters a lot in case of updates, notes, tagging etc.

all comes in a package. Last but not the list it Doris can be easily instituted.

Features of Doris

One of the significant attributes of Doris is that it runs in diverse language that’s 14. This very idea has emerged out the applicant’s brain. All these are being upheld under the site’s User Voice.

  1. Tasks : Entrance of data for work issue is a smooth one.
  2. Add, edit and reorder groups and to-do items easily
  3. Highlights : Pulls off the assignment to re-arrange.
  4. Grouping : Collection of the data into a circle, rather grouping it.
  5. Arrange your projects day wise on a daily basis.
  6. Store all your work elements in your Doris profile and burden yours RAM less.
  7. Make it uncomplicated for one to manage their task.
  8. Easily loads of tasks are fulfilled and keep you alert about the essential ones that are yet to be done.
  9. Allocation of task: Ascribing project to the member of your group.
  10. Email synthesis: a place where the projects mainly arise.
  11. Task foundation: merge Doris along with the present projects of yours.
  12. Quickview to see all groups and items in one screen.
  13. Landscape mode support for easy viewing.

Doris is now being available to download. It’s just like any other PC application, and it is being suggested to the consumers. Attributing & harmonizing of workloads becomes an uncomplicated task.

Rectification of data becomes easier one & even iCal assimilation along with data encounter. Help option is provided one can add up link with it.

Nevertheless, the installation process of doris is not that tough, developed UI implication in terms of uploading the data. One can see the work that being done previously maintains record along with your current projects.

Graphical representation of data is also possible. Lastly, Doris is a compelling work arranging device.

Download : Doris

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