dotCMS – Open source Java CMS and Web CRM Software

dotCMS is a fully featured open source enterprise class J2EE/Java based web content management system (wCMS) for building/managing websites, content and content driven web applications. it’s specially designed for bridges the gap between PHP CMS and J2EE document management solutions.

dotCMS - Open source Java CMS

It has rich structured content repository where all content is tagged and author has option to create relationships between content. it offer a easy extensibility via plugins and support for virtual hosting, WebDAV file access, Ruby and Python Scripting, PHP, Groovy, content widgets, macros, customer management tools, user tracking, click path reporting, eMarketing list management, eNewsletter/email campaign managers, WYSIWYG editing, structured content, clustering and events management.

dotCMS is a standards based web CMS written in the J2EE/Java programming language and uses multiple databases backend such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL and Oracle to store data.

features of dotCMS

  1. An enterprise grade web content management system
  2. Open source, Java/J2EE based wCMS and Web CRM software
  3. Separation of both content and design
  4. WebDAV interface for drag and drop ease
  5. dotCMS is a standards based web CMS. it use a number of standards based open source projects such as Hibernate, CMIS, Spring, Apache, Struts, Open API
  6. Simple, Straightforward and Powerful wCMS – No need to learn XML or XSLT to create HTML templates, no transformations. Straightforward CSS, HTML and scripting goodness gets you productive quickly.
  7. Custom content fields for design your own content controls
  8. Personalize content based on rules engine
  9. Human readable web addresses
  10. Built in Editing/preview/published views
  11. Create email campaigns, landing pages and integrate with ecommerce
  12. Multi-node Clustering and Scalability
  13. support both authentication and optional user provisioning via LDAP and Active Directory connectors.
  14. Support for Ajax photo gallery, blogs, RSS feeds, streaming video and MP3 player
  15. Easy to manage 100s of sites with site specific permissions
  16. Integrated WYSIWYG Editor and form builder
  17. Deliver web content anywhere – Import content from nearly any source, it makes your content mobile, social, consumable, and reusable.
  18. Easy Velocity templating
  19. Fully access to source Code
  20. Support from both Community and commercial vendor
  21. High cost Java developers not required to build out pages or templates
  22. Modular Plug in Architecture
  23. CMIS 1.0 Compliance
  24. Supports JSON and Web Services
  25. Multilingual content editing interface and content import functionality

Download :

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