DragonRad mobile application development platform


DragonRAD is a mobile application development platform that allow you to develop, deploy and manage data driven enterprise mobile applications across a variety of smartphones and tablets.

DragonRad mobile application development platform

With the help of DragonRad, you can easily connect to any web services or databases as per your requirement in the environment of drag & drop and it can be even deployed to any Windows, Android, BlackBerry Mobile device.

The developers of BlackBerry PlayBook have been given a wide variety of tools that helps them in the provision of PlayBook to the users.

Of late, the team of DragonRAD has generated certain tools that helps in the development of the cross platform App and also in that process.

With the aid of DragonRAD applications are developed in a much faster and better way that effectively helps in the timely completion of tasks.

The platform provided by the team of DragonRAD is easy to use and several exciting features are also provided in that which marks the increased use of this tool.

Using the cross-platform SDK of DragonRAD you can very easily connect to the systems that forms the back-end of your enterprises and it also enables the building up of mobile applications that are not only very powerful but also requires less maintenance and coding.

Several enterprises applications that are quite complex can be easily build with the aid of DragonRad SDK that is very easily and smooth developed in the familiar environment of drag & drop without any requirement of learning any coding languages that are native to it.

A Linux or a Windows server is always provided with the component of DragonRAD that performs the task of bridging between the database of the enterprise and the mobile devices.

Dual functions are done by this tool that include the effective management of communications with any other mobile device including the transactions queuing during the span of unavailability of network in one hand, while effective synchronization of database update and access is maintained on the other hand.

Features of DragonRad

  1. Cross-Platform – This feature provides the support to your app so that it can run on any platform provided to it and porting is usually not wanted here.
  2. Rapid Application Development – Within a very short span of time several applications can be build and on completion of one app you can immediately move on to the very next app.
  3. Native Applications – It basically deals with the integration with any other hardware device and performance.
  4. QA and Fast Testing – Several things are done here that are quite exciting.
  5. Drop & Drag Design – The time you spend in development is reduced drastically through the use of this tool. Redundant codes are completely eliminated here.
  6. Sync Rules are highly Flexible – Control HOW, WHAT and WHEN the data will be updated.
  7. Workflow – The scripting language of Lua enables the addition of complex workflow rules into the application that depends upon your requirements.

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