Drake CMS – lightweight PHP content management system

Drake CMS is a light-weight PHP content management system with an embedded Gladius DB flat file database backend and support for any other database system like MySQL, Frontbase, MaxDB, miniSQL , MSSQL , MSSQL Pro, MySQLi, MySQLt, PostgresSQL, SQLite, Sybase etc..

Drake CMS

it’s an perfect CMS platform for those hosting companies who do not offer MySQL as their default database system such as free hosting sites and run a small websites.

User can use Drake CMS platform for their personal and family homepages, NGO website, corporates intranets and extranets, govt. applications etc..

No need to learn any special programming skills to install Drake CMS on your server. it is very easy to install and use.

Once installed, it will be automatically start working to perform the basic tasks like adding or editing content, organising your uploaded content like images and files etc..

A web based user interface allow you to manage your staff pages, job listing and product images and create unlimited pages and subpages on your sites.

Features of Drake CMS

  1. fully internationalized and customizable user interface
  2. Works on any PHP4/PHP5
  3. Flexibility
  4. Multiple database Support
  5. Users hierarchy
  6. W3C standards compliance
  7. Multi language
  8. Full backup and restore
  9. Support for Subsites
  10. Light weight PHP dynamic content management system

Download : Drake CMS

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