DrawIt Lite – vector drawing application for Mac

DrawIt Lite is an easy to use, free, powerful vector editing and drawing application specially designed for the Mac OS X. it’s a vector based image editing application with support for bitmap-like image filters. Vector editing as well as the filters are completely non-destructive which means that a vector layer can still be edited even after a stack of filters has been applied.

DrawIt Lite - vector drawing application for Mac

DrawIt’s vector tool allow you to create any shape imaginable, and you can convert any text layers to vector as well. it also includes a large number of ready-to-use shapes such as rectangles, ovals and stars. Boolean operations on these shapes can create even more more complex ones.

Built on top of the vector tools, DrawIt support for more then 50 Core Image filters and other effects like (inner) shadow, stroke, bevel and many more. These filters are applied in a non-destructive way which means that you can change both the effects and the underlying vector even after you added the effects. This is because the result will never be rasterized. Filters can be stacked and this too is all non-destructive and live.

Download : DrawIt Lite 3.1
Website : http://www.bohemiancoding.com/drawit

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