DreamGlass Air – Portable Private AR Screen for iPhone


DreamGlass Air is a lightweight, portable private Augmented Reality (AR) glasses that project multimedia on its 100” 2.5k AR screen from your smartphone/tablet (Android,iPhone,iPad), game consoles (PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch), computers , and other electronic devices. With a 2.5k QHD  resolution  and  an unparalleled 90°FOV, every single detail comes to life for the most immersive viewing experience you’ve ever seen.

it give you an immersive view while keeping your content private from the outside. It’s comfortable to wear and completely hands-free. DreamGlass Air is a ultra lightweight, weighing at only 5 oz. With a unique foldable design, it is of the size of a pair of ski goggles, perfect for on-the-go use . Combined with the hands-free feature, you can relax and enjoy your personal world anywhere and anytime.

Also, it features  across – platform  compatibility ,  for your phone, computer, game consoles (PS4, switch, Xbox) and drones, to deliver an incredible viewing experience anywhere and anytime.

Features of DreamGlass Air

  1. 100 ‘’ 2.5k AR Screen
  2. 90° Ultra-Wide FOV  (Field of View) and stereo sound
  3. Universal Compatibility
  4. Boost Productivity with Multiple 100 ‘’ AR Screens
  5. Eye Glasses friendly
  6. 5G Compatible for a glimpse of the future
  7. 5 hours battery life + inverse charging
  8. Ultra Portable, Universal Compatibility
  9. Turn Your Phone into a Private IMAX Theater.

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