Dushare P2P file transfer tool

Dushare is easy to use and easy to follow Peer to Peer (P2P) file transfer tool that increases the pace of your business dealings to a great extent.

You can send a huge file using dushare between you and your partner or co-member.

dushare - Real-time P2P file transfer tool

Dushare is created by a company named DuLeaf FZE. Using dushare is very simple and useful for working professionals for file extraction and transfer.

With dushare, you can transfer files straight to your peers without involving any kind of download or upload servers. You can send unconstrained file volumes to your colleague in a very prompt way using dushare.

On dushare you can also chat with your clients regarding some important issues or for communication of information and comments.

Dushare’s direct file transfer system is built specially to fulfill the problems faced by companies while huge data transfer due to the overflow of information.

Current business deals involve lots of information and for accumulation and appropriate utility of that information, you need an efficient file transfer service that enhances your business.

Dushare aims at simplifying your file import methods. Your files and documents are completely safe as dushare deals only with the file transfer process and not the contents within your files.

Dushare is being appreciated by workers all over for its flexible and simple interface. Its features include.

Features of Dushare P2P file transfer tool

  1. The main and most attractive feature of dushare is that it needs no server set up for file download. You do not need to upload a file to the server and then the receiver to download it again. You can directly send any file with a single click almost. Hence it reduces a lot of work, time, and energy.
  2. Generally, an extensive large file takes a lot of time to upload or get downloaded or installed. But dushare gives a rare and necessary feature that is highly commendable. It takes little time or a few minutes for a file transfer. The size of the file is no more a constraint. You can send unlimited sized files to your fellow partner directly now using dushare.
  3. Dushare is also the unique file transfer service that enables you to communicate and chat with your co-worker while data transfer. This facility is not available in any other data transfer system.
  4. Dushare is apt for communication while file import or export. In case of any editing or correction in files that are being sent, you can direct your peer simultaneously regarding it. For role stating and directing orders for some future processing after the file is received, you can surely use dushare successfully.
  5. 128-bit encryption is used for security purposes in dushare. You are equipped with a personal password for accessibility. Hence, dushare is safe enough.

So, if file transfer has been an area causing problems and difficulties in your business deals then you have a useful solution in the form of dushare. It will simplify your direct data transfer process hugely.

Download: dushare

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