dygraphs – create Interactive visualizations using JavaScript and HTML tag


dygraphs is a free charting library that allow you to create interactive, zoomable charts of present time series by using JavaScript library and HTML canvas tag. it will create charts for present time series without using an external server or Flash and also allow user to display dense data sets and enable you to explore and interpret them. it’s a pure client side JavaScript library which available in just 45 kb in size.

dygraphs - free charting library

When you moue over the charts, it will highlight the individual values on right side. Click and drag to zoom. Double-click to zoom back out. Change the number and hit enter to adjust the averaging period.

features of dygraphs

  1. Plots time series without using an external server or Flash
  2. work perfectly on all major web browser even in internet explorer using ExCanvas.
  3. lightweight (45kb) and responsive JavaScript library
  4. Displays values on mouse over
  5. Supports error bands around data series
  6. create Interactive zoomable charts
  7. Easy to Adjust average period
  8. Customizable click-through actions
  9. Compatible with the Google Visualization API
  10. Intelligent defaults make it easy to use
  11. it’s a free JavaScript library released under the MIT license

Download : dygraphs

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