DynPG – free PHP and MySQL based CMS

DynPG is stand for Dynamic web pages. it’s a free PHP/MySQL based content management system that allow you to upload and manage dynamic web content similar to other content management systems.

DynPG - free PHP and MySQL based CMS

It has simple, easy to use and well-organized user interface, where user can upload, edit and manage their dynamic web content without learning any specific programming skills. it was specially developed to realize designs that are created with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Illustrator or any other graphics software.

The layout is created with an editor like Adobe Dreamweaver or Adobe GoLive or even as simple code. After that, code snippets are placed at those points, where dynamically generated content (like articles, galleries, blogs or other dynamic content) shall be generated. It provides a convenient way to extend existing websites with dynamic content. DynPG provides a template engine, but also supports existing CSS layouts.

DynPG is an open source project released under GNU Lesser General Public License.

Features of DynPG

  1. Modular structured
  2. To adapt at any layout with CSS
  3. SEO friendly CMS
  4. separate Print view
  5. Multilanguage supported Backend
  6. Image changer | Random article | timed
  7. Provide Editor for Form creation

Download : DynPG CMS

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