e-tipi – Collaborative Thinking Platform for an organisation

E-tipi is an online Collaborative Thinking Platform that provides ideas, challenges, and managerial prospects for companies at a reasonable price.

e-tipi - Collaborative Thinking Platform for organisation

It acts as a storage folder of all the ideas that get accumulated over time for a single project and all the topics related to it.

Since every idea is valuable it is important to store them in a collective way.

E-tipi is one such medium that not only helps you gather all the ideas around but use them and organize them in a prioritized manner.

E-tipi gives you the opportunity to go through a collaborative thinking process to evolve the raw varied ideas into a single fruitful and solid one.

E-tipi helps your business grow by offering you a solid thinking platform that you can use to generate profitable and potential business ideas and solution methods to your business problems.

It can also create campaigns for gathering ideas on your behalf so that your chosen topic gets a lot of response and you can work on it as soon as possible.

E-tipi has been integrated with quite a few businesses thinking solutions. Further work is on to help it develop more and more.

E-tipi has been built up for idea management and prioritization. It has a number of features that might interest you.

Features of e-tipi – Collaborative Thinking Platform

  1. The collected ideas that you have are normally very raw and basic. E-tipi helps you to work on them to improve their valuation and thus make them strong in order to use them for future business purposes. Hence, it will provide you with a full suite of teamwork, follow, and development of ideas. You can tag specific ideas. It also offers a strong search medium and after accumulation, you can revise your ideas too.
  2. You can keep all your team members up to date with any addition or alteration in the ideas through various notifications that are available in e-tipi. These include sending alerts through emails, twitter incorporation, member panel, or itinerant friendly.
  3. The main thing is to select, expand, and follow the captivating ideas after you have collected a bunch of several scattered ideas. E-tipi has been developed in a manner that makes your idea selection and processing much easier. The idea gardener in e-tipi offers to you with the most potent ideas after accurate prioritization. Thus, it helps you realize which idea will be most lucrative. It includes votes and comments on the ideas too.
  4. E-tipi is structured to enable the centralization of your communication means. You can add any sort of documents with any ideas or feedback. Such documents can be pictures, audio/video, spreadsheets, or even drawings.
  5. E-tipi members are individually provided with unique passwords without you cannot access your account. Hence, your account is protected against any kind of intrusion.
  6. E-tipi provides SAAS at a reasonable price. Its application programming interface has collaborated with quite a few classified podiums and editors.
  7. You can test e-tipi for 30 days using its free trial.

Download: e-tipi

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