EasyBib – Free Automatic Bibliography and Citation Maker

Easybib is a wonderful app which can automatically compose bibliographies. Suppose you are preparing your research papers and you have completed all leaving the bibliography. Preparing a bibliography for a big project is quite a stressful job.

Easybib provides you the opportunity of preparing the bibliography in no time by just uploading your papers. Easybib quite effectively creates the bibliography and most importantly prepares the bibliography quite accurately and quickly.


There are around a million monthly users (mostly students), who submit their papers for the purpose of accurate citing. Imagine Easy Solutions is the proud creator of the EasyBib service.

Easybib is not only extremely effective in generating bibliography but is equally efficient in managing the citation lists for the innumerable users. Easybib also comes with a search bar with the help of which you would be able to find your pre generated cite list in no time.

Easybib is an online automated bibliography creating site that is very much beneficial for the students who have to prepare their bibliographies for their project papers.

A yearly subscription would cost you around 8 dollars and you would be able to get as much bibliographies for your papers as you wish. You can also download the prepared bibliography in a Word Document and save it in your personal storage for later usage.

Thus, preparing citation lists has never been this easy. To receive your citation list all you have to do is just visit the Easybib portal and select your relevant source and assign all the information and then just press the format option.

Easybib will be automatically arranging all the information in the MLA format. After a few moments, Easybib will be providing you with the all important bibliography which you would be able to download in the rich text format and attach it to your all important paper.

One more important aspect of Easybib is that it automatically store the created bibliography in its database and will provide its user with a retrieval code. With the help of this retrieval code, the user can retrieve their generated bibliography anytime.

A browser cookie lets you protect your all important cite lists in such a way that even if the database gets corrupted, the app wouldn’t lose the information.

if you go for the pro-version of Easybib, you will be able to store your citation list into your personal account and you can fetch it at any time you want. The pro version eliminates the risk of auto elimination of your citation list which in the normal version has tenure of 7 days.

Features of EasyBib

  1. Virtual notecards and dynamic outlining
  2. APA, Chicago/Turabian, and MLA styles
  3. Parenthetical and Footnote citations
  4. Import bibliographies from any of your third party databases
  5. No banners and additional advertisements
  6. Outstanding customer support

This unique service is of great demand from the countless students. EasyBib is sure to create its own market and with the list of effective features it is sure to provide beneficial results.

Download : easybib Bibliography and Citation Maker

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