Edistorm – brainstorming apps that use sticky notes for collaboration

Edistorm has changed the notion of sticky notes on a boardroom. It has improvised on brainstorm sessions and the all-new online version allows anyone from any corner of the world to participate. It works on a new principle. Each user needs to pick their choice of ideas and Edistorm presents the best ones to the rest. It surely saves a lot of hassles with its uncomplicated method of operation.

Edistorm - brainstorming apps

Edistorm is available in two forms- the free solo and public storms and private storms. The free storms do not charge anything to create and take part. A solo storm is a single user storm which is excellent for keeping a record of your own ideas. A public storm allows multiple users access, edit and send posts. Public storms work well for large communities. Private storms are accessible only if you receive an invite say from a business associate. You can select who can participate in the storm. You have a facility to create as many private storms you want for the first 30 days.

The free, basic, plus and premium plans cost $0, $5, $10 and $30 respectively. You can do a lot in this plans like participate in any storm, create solo storms, create public storms, create private storms, unlimited invites and no credit card 30 day trial. The number of private storms you can create using the free, basic, plus and premium plans is nil, two, five and twenty respectively.

Edistorm grants attractive educational discounts to teachers with the required qualifications. Editorm does not require long contracts instead you can pay for your subscriptions on a monthly basis.

Features of Edistorm

  1. Edistorm allows you to develop your ideas in an ordered brainstorming session. The brainstorm is available 24/7. You can refer to, edit or add to and revise on a continuous basis.
  2. Edistorm is an ideal solution for storage, retrieval, sharing and getting feedbacks on your ideas. It is an always available idea database.
  3. Edistorm gives colors to your ideas and lets you create videos to attract more people.
  4. Edistorm allows you to collaborate with your entire team and generate novel ideas. Each user can give their ideas, vote or post comments on certain ideas to help improve and refine them.
  5. You can invite anyone you like for a brainstorming session.
  6. This is an exclusive feature for solo brainstorming. Idea Bots give you new ideas, add suggestions and debate your ideas when you are brainstorming with yourself.
  7. You can upgrade or downgrade to a new plan or cancel your existing plan anytime.
  8. The users whom you have invited can take part in brainstorming sessions with you without being charged. Only the administrator is charged.

Edistorm is a basic brainstorming software. It has transformed boring boardroom meetings to global online brainstorming sessions. You can communicate with your global clients without much trouble. Editstorm brings for its users a sense of satisfaction. It is sure to get your job done.

Download : http://www.edistorm.com/

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