eFront- eLearning platform with rich social and enterprise functionality

eFront is an open source eLearning and people development platform specially designed to satisfy your needs and help your organization be more efficient and more productive.

eFront e-learning platform

it has user friendly icon based user interface which offered various opportunities for collaboration and interaction such as create your own lesson structure and add content, build online-tests, communicate with others, track users history and progress, conduct surveys, assign projects, and create certifications.

The platform is an Object-oriented, Ajax powered, Unicode, LDAP and SCORM (1.2 and 2004/4th edition) supported and also available in multiple languages. Here is some useful features which eFront offered :

  1. simple, easy to use and self-explanatory user Interface
  2. Visually attractive icon based user interface
  3. Integrated sound pedagogical concepts that guide users and keep them motivated.
  4. Full support for managing users. Custom user roles can be created depending on your needs
  5. simple progress tracking that guide your user through the lesson and his current progress
  6. Organize lessons at multiple conceptual levels called categories. Bundle several lessons inside a course
  7. Out-of-the-box eFront communication suite includes forum, chat, calendar, personal messages, file sharing and user-comments on topics
  8. A flexible visual content editor and internal support for pictures, sound, video, flash or java
  9. All glossary items are silently merged with the real content
  10. Simple and easy to use file manager and digital library which allow you to Upload, organize, use and share files with any other system user
  11. Reporting
  12. Test builders – Create tests by assembling questions from a question pool. Several types of questions can be created, used and re-used
  13. eFront is a highly customizable, elegant and flexible
  14. SCORM compatible and certified platform. SCORM content can be imported or exported from the system
  15. Search for anything, anyone and anywhere inside the system
  16. Assign projects with deadlines to end-users and track their progress
  17. It uses latest web technologies to ensure an excellent user-experience.
  18. Restrict or guide the users through the content
  19. Modular system
  20. free and open source project released under Common Public Attribution License 1.0 (CPAL)

Download : eFront e-learning platform

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