Embed Any Files in your website with embedit.in

Emebedit is an online service that helps you to embed any document on your website, profile, or any other place on the web.

embedit - Embed Any Files

If you have been facing trouble regarding the display of any sort of document on your web site then you can try out embed it and it might prove to be the best available way to illustrate your documents on the web.

Embedit supports all major web browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox 2+, IE 6+, Safari 2+, and also Opera.. it presents your documents using Adobe Flash Player 9 base to the public forum.

Embedit.in helps you to enhance user interaction and optimize user experience by using various kinds of documents.

You can exhibit almost all types of documents such as Word doc, Excel worksheets, and spreadsheets, WPD, OPD, ODT, any PPT presentation, or even PDF file.

It supports major text and image files too. Text files including TXT, CSV, and RTF and image files including jpeg, gif, BMP, PSD, and png are all supported by embedit.in as well.

It is also API, EPS, and PS vector graphics and HTML, SQL and JS code enabled. A limit of 20 MB has been set for embedding your content.

Embedit has been developed to offer you with a utility document organizer and viewer to improve your communication and working methods. Certain unique features make it a useful tool.

Features of Embed Your Files with embedit.in

  1. Embedit does not involve any kind of software purchase or download for people to view any relevant document on your web site. It embeds all your required files and records directly to your immediate web page and you do not need to put in the extra effort behind sifting through the heap of documents scattered all across your system.
  2. Certain tags and thumbnails are provided to you by embedit to get an overview of your documents at the top of your web page and this gives you the opportunity to ensure whether the work you are putting up for public eyes is accurate or not.
  3. Along with the thumbnails you are provided with links that take you directly to an overview of your work for revision and future reference later on. So, this organizes your records to a great extent and helps you maintain a proper work environment.
  4. You have special annotation features offered by embedit. There are red pen-like tools on every embedded page and using it you can get your annotations while adding the embedded documents to your webpage.
  5. It is highly recommended for teachers, bloggers, or people who need to work with a huge pile of documents and might have to go through correction or organizational processes.
  6. Embedit provides charts and maps for a better understanding of your audience and comes to conclusions regarding your embedded document.
  7. The embedit service gives you the scope to secure your content by disabling download or print outs of your personal documents. It is optional.
  8. Using the application of BackBoard by embedit.in you can receive feedback on your work as well.

Download: embedit.in

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