Ember – Your Online Digital Scrapbook

Ember is an efficient way to share the sources from where you draw inspirations for your designs with others. It is more like a web-based scrapbook for people with a creative bent of mind. Ember can be used by design stores, iPad software companies, at home, at work, product design, photojournalism, art direction, design forms etc. It is applicable for graphic designing as well as web designing. Ember has simple features so that you can begin using it instantly. You do not have to grasp complicated instructions like you have to do for most software.


Ember has a striking user interface that draws you to work. You do not have to download or install any software on your computer. You can use Ember from anywhere using an internet connection. To start using Ember you will have to fill up a registration form that asks you to give username and email id and to choose a password. There are 2 plans you can choose from- Basic and Pro. The Basic plan is free and The Pro costs $24 a year. While the Basic plan allows thirty uploads a month the Pro plan allows unlimited number of uploads per month.

In the Basic plan even if you remove an image you cannot replace it with another. Collections are three and unlimited for the two plans respectively. The basic plan supports ads but the Pro plan does not. There is no pro badge option in the Basic plan but the Pro plan supports pro badge facility. Your paid subscription comes with a 14 day money back guarantee. Your money will be refunded if you are not satisfied using Ember and chooses to cancel the subscription. If you cancel your Pro subscription beyond the 14 day period you will become a Basic user but your images will remain.

Features of Ember

  1. There is an attractive looking dashboard that gives you an overview of your account. Ember has a handy user interface.
  2. You can track uploads of other users while other users follow your collections.
  3. You can organize your images by creating collections from your images with related the ones that are related. You can also categorize them under different groups.
  4. You can notify people about your latest upload by tagging them to a particular image.
  5. Ember has an effective search option to help you look for inspiration.
  6. Ember has a desktop application which is compatible with Mac OS X- Little Snapper. All your data is transmitted from Little Snapper to Ember.
  7. You can access Ember from your iPhone or iPod touch using iPhone Little Snapper.
  8. Ember is compatible with most popular web browsers.

Ember is the ideal solution for creative people to compile their resources into one place. It does not cost much and delivers desired results. It is easy to use and makes your work easier.

Download : Ember – online digital scrapbook

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