Encrypt PDF Document Free Online with encryptpdf

encryptpdf is a online application that allow you to encrypt your PDF Document to protect its contents from unauthorized access. Encryption applies to all ‘user-content’ in the document’s PDF file. it give 2 types of settings one is basic and another is advanced.


The basic setting give you the following restriction –

  1. Provide a simple individual "Open"- Password (User password) for your Document
  2. No "Owner"- Password set (this means that with a valid User password anyone can change the document restrictions – e.g. with Adobe Acrobat Professional)
  3. Document compatibility with Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or later
  4. All included Meta-Data is encrypted with Strong 128-Bit RC4 document encryption
  5. Copy of any document content is forbidden
  6. User can easily print PDF document in high resolution

If you not happy with basic setting and want to prevent the illegitimate opening of the document and/or if you want to avoid any unauthorized changes within your document to guarantee the authenticity. you can use Advanced setting provide by application. Advanced setting same as basic setting but give you more Security by adding individual "Owner"-Password (Permission password).

  1. individual "Open"-Password (User password) supplied – if you do not enter an "Open"-password the document will be encrypted and can be opened in any PDF viewer, but the applied restrictions are not changeable.
  2. individual "Owner"-Password (Permission password) supplied – access restrictions can only be changed with the permission password.

Features of encryptpdf

  1. disable "printing" of the PDF Document or restrict to low resolution printouts
  2. Disable copying of any Document contents
  3. Disable any changes within the Document and guarantee the authenticity
  4. Locks any PDF Document immediately
  5. Works with any PDF Document (not only "Acrobat-made" ones)
  6. Enable/Disable text access for screen reader devices for the visually impaired

Visit : http://www.encryptpdf.com/

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