energine – XML based PHP5 content management framework

Energine is a XML based PHP5 content management framework that allow you to maintain web applications as well as web sites at any level of complexity.Based on the same component framework, user can also create web applications using XML/XSLT transformations.

energine - XML based PHP5 content management framework

Features of energine

  1. Multilingual Support : it supports unbounded quantity of languages with ability to translate not only content of a site, but buttons, emails, captions too.
  2. User’s access delimitation. User’s access control system allows to edit user’s rights to access and edit different parts of a website.
  3. Visual Text Editor : In-built WYSIWYG editor allow you to edit text pages.
  4. Files : Common file storage allows to use one method to work with files in forms and with a help of text editor.
  5. Well structure site management  : Web site’s structure represented as a tree. User can add, edit and delete it’s nodes to modify parts of a site.
  6. Online Shop Modules : Additional module which allows to create and manage eShop.
  7. SEO and human friendly URL’s.
  8. User friendly Ajaxed Interface
  9. XML and XSLT technology allows you to output data not only in HTML, but in any structured format (WML, RTF, RSS).

Download : energine CMS

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