Engrade – Free online grade book for teachers

There have been several online grade book solutions that are available in the market today. Engrade being one of the most advanced and most widely used grade book solution.

Engrade online gradebook

Engrade also provides the similar solution of allowing the teachers to set up their grading parameters and thereon enter the marks. After entering the marks, the system will be automatically assigning the grades as per the parameters.

Apart from the grading aspect, Engrade has a whole lot of modern and exciting features. The teachers con conduct online test sessions, quiz programme, receive and submit homework etc.

One very important aspect is that engrade provides an online platform to the students to discuss and clear out different study related problems among themselves.

Engrade.com is far from just a grade assignor. It provides the teacher to administer multiple classes, take out grade cards of individuals or the complete class and they can even open the grade sheets in the Microsoft Excel format for easy editing.

Teachers also can directly edit the grades from the website only. The attendance feature allows teachers to keep a record of every individual at ease.

Even the parents have the opportunity of tracking their children’s all round activity in their school. It is a very transparent system.

Features of Engrade

  1. Customized Grade sheet – You will have the ability to create your own self-customized grade sheets. After its creation you can just insert the marks or grade in a spreadsheet format and the engrade tool will automatically take care of everything.
  2. Informing securely and confidentially – You will have the ability of communicating the message of the grade card to the parents or students in a uniformed fashion.
  3. Homework Calendar – You can effortlessly post events, assignments, reminders, and any lessons online. Institutes with advanced facility can also upload video sessions of their important lectures or classes via the engrade grade book.
  4. Quizzes – Engrade Grade book has a unique feature by means of which online quiz programmers can be conducted to train and influence the students.
  5. Discussions – Grade book often creates an online forum of discussion for the students where they can sort out different problems.
  6. Flashcards – These are the most advanced technology that graphically enhances the study parameters for an advanced learning.
  7. Attendance – A great relief for most teachers is by getting the feature of proper attendance tracking with Engrade Grade book.
  8. 24×7 Student entries – Be it the parents or the students, both will enjoy the equal opportunity to log in and check the grades and also any information about the classes.
  9. 24×7 Admin information – Administers will have the huge benefit of monitoring the actions of the students every time.
  10. Confidential and protected – Engrade duly keeps every minute details of the class confidential and is checked that data pilferage does not occur.
  11. Completely Free – Engrade comes with a $0 price tag. It is absolutely free of cost.

Download : Online Grade book – Engrade

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