ERPLY – POS and Inventory management Software for Retail industry

ERPLY is an inventory management Software created to develop entrepreneurship in comparison to the corporate work culture prevailing in today’s world.

It is a retail point of sale and inventory management software that simplifies your business-related activities to a great extent.

erply Point of Sale and inventory management software

Its main focus is on the accumulation and organized utilization of the inventories required for your business dealings and other important work.

ERPLY is a multi-functional Point of Sale and Inventory Software that basically acts as an organizer for your small scale or maybe some homegrown industry.

It arranges all your retail dealings and works accurately irrespective of whether you are using it online or not.

So it is equally effective in the offline mode as well. ERPLY makes your inventory sell much easier and faster.

You can manage all your business deals along with sell and purchase of inventories from a single central system using ERPLY.

There are certain interesting features that make the ERPLY a must for you if you are a single proprietor of your business.

It will prove to be useful for accounting and maintaining your important information and data regarding your operations.

The features that make ERPLY unique include its working mechanism, user-friendly methods of data compilation, store up credit, and also selling and billing methods.

You should check through the following features properly before putting up for ERPLY into your business:

Features of ERPLY POS and Inventory management Software: 

  1. Customer data compilation and contact with prized customers is important and ERPLY makes it very easy to acquire customer-related details by creating different kinds of individual customer profiles that are very helpful to track down any customer history. Whenever you need it.
  2. You can now trace any customer’s credit history from any store setting with the help of ERPLY.
  3. ERPLY provides you with the opportunity of offering a discounted price to a few of your important and esteemed customers. This can be done as there are some consumer allegiance programs involved in the ERPLY.
  4. ERPLY enables you to get rid of time-consuming and confusing paper toil during any transaction.
  5. Billing methods have been made very convenient for both users and sellers by the ERPLY. You can charge your customers now with bills made on weekly purchases, monthly sales, or even on a quarterly basis. After a transaction, you will have to keep a record of the deal and make the bill according to your preference.
  6. ERPLY helps create business records from the data you provide it with and those reports help you analyze the profitability of your dealings.
  7. It is simple to handle and easy to follow even for the new recruits.
  8. It also helps you to maintain personal and healthy terms with your clients and get access to each customer’s transaction record.
  9. Payment methods are quite handy as it supports most of the leading business accounts.
  10. Usage of ERPLY is not restricted to a single user.
  11. It helps you check over your inventories on a regular basis.
  12. You can generate and take print outs of your personal bar codes for business purposes.

You might be able to improve your industry using the ERPLY.

Download: ERPLY

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