Estetiikka – php and mysql based web photo gallery

Estetiikka is an open source web photo gallery software built with PHP 5 and uses MySQL database to store your pictures. it allow you to share your photos easily with your friends and family. In this way everyone can easily access them any time and leave comments on them. It’s an cross platform free web photo gallery released under GPL-license.


Features of Estetiikka

  1. Community based : Estetiikka is suitable for small communities. For example for your family and friends. You can share your best photographs and comment on other’s photographs.
  2. Multilanguage supported
  3. Search Tool : Estetiikka provides a simple yet powerful search tool that allows you to find photographs quickly even from large galleries.
  4. Themable : Support for Themes. Make your gallery look just like you. Creating themes is relatively easy.
  5. Advanced thumbnail creation : Estetiikka creates beautiful thumbnails. Theme affects the outcome. You can also limit the maximum size of the photos. Every photo is resized to fit that limit after user has uploaded it. This helps a lot when you are short of disk space.
  6. Make Favorite Album : Every user has his/her own favorites album where the user can store his favorite photographs. This way it’s easy to access all your favorite photographs from one place.
  7. Free and Open source : Estetiikka is an open source project released under GPL-license. This means that it’s free (doesn’t cost a dime) and you can modify the source code as much as you like to.

Download : Estetiikka v1.0

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