ExDesk – web based help desk software for small and medium size businesses

ExDesk is a web based helpdesk software that is used by several industries for several applications. It’s an web-based software, so user can access from anywhere. This software has gained popularity for the ease of its use. This software works explicitly well for those systems where the job that needs to be done matches the requirement of the system.


Features of ExDesk

  1. Easy Usability – The professionals have designed this software which marks the accuracy of this software, in-spite of the fact that it is easy to use and is understood by all. For accessing this software only the availability of a web-browser is sufficient. The instructions for using this software are clearly stated and this feature enhances the ease of its use.
  2. Affordable – No extra charges are required for using this software. The cost installation, maintenance, back-up etc are not included in this cost. Charges are only made as per signed-up. The burden of entering into long-term contracts is also not included in this software. So it can be easily said that this software is accessible to all.

Technical features and benefits :

  1. Back-ups for all sorts of data are available within this software.
  2. Sharing, uploading and downloading of files are permitted up to 5 files at a time.
  3. Exportation of data is also permitted in this software.
  4. Tracking of data at multiple levels are permitted.
  5. A specific account is maintained for individual customers.
  6. Problems are easily configurable.
  7. Date and time are auto-adjustable.
  8. Auto-tracking ability.
  9. Date/Time stamp is provided along-with each and every individual activity.
  10. End-users and administrators are notified with all information via their e-mail.
  11. Drop down menus and customization of certain data fields can be easily done to meet the specific requirements of your data.
  12. Your own web-sites can be matched with the specific logo of your company.

Usability features and benefits :

  1. The speed obtained while using this software is unimaginable. The working hours may be reduced from days to hours if you work with this help desk software.
  2. Client-server is not required at all as this software is purely web-based.
  3. With the help of data export 35 different record types are available.
  4. Full documentation is provided through the exclusive use of this software.
  5. For the access of this software you have to pass through three different levels of permission.
  6. Each and every exchange or transaction is recorded through the use of user-comment fields.
  7. Formally no training or guidance is required for using this software.
  8. The sub-accounts can be accessed by administrators of various types.
  9. The status of the real time system is always provided.
  10. Status feature and news regarding the software is always provided.

Business features and benefits :

  1. very cost-effective as formally as there is no need to buy or build anything in this software.
  2. Easy to access from anywhere with the help of the internet.
  3. Assistance for the ongoing set-ups is provided.
  4. Services are provided on a monthly basis and there is no need to go for a lengthy contract.

So with the use of this software all the end-users are guaranteed full satisfaction and their reliability in the software.

Download : ExDesk Helpdesk Software

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