eXo Platform – Cloud based content management and collaboration tool

eXo Platform is an open-source, standard open cloud-based content management system and multi-tenant enterprise Java portal that help you develop and deploy transactional websites, modern social intranets, interactive gadgets, and Dashboards and manage web and social media content.

eXo Platform - Cloud based content management platform

It allows companies to influence their accessible Java-based infrastructure. At the same time, it accommodates changing user behavior determined by consumer web technology such as social networking, social publishing, and forums.

The platform is divided into four different open source modules such as:

  1. eXo content: eXo content allow you to manage web content management, document management, and workflow management system.
  2. eXo collaboration: eXo collaboration manages collaborative apps of the eXo platform, such as a real-time Chat engine, Email client, calendar and instant messaging, etc.
  3. eXo knowledge: eXo Knowledge manage the Enterprise Wiki module, Forum, messaging board, FAQ, and Answers.
  4. eXo social: eXo Social allows you to create Enterprise social networking by using Activity streams, Open social protocols.

Features of eXo Platform

  1. Open standard-based portal framework with Certified JSR-286 container, WSRP support, and OpenSocial container.
  2. Role-based aggregate and display certain content, Apps, and portlets depending on logged-in users’ roles.
  3. Highly customizable pages and layout by using drag and drop and WYSIWYG editor. User can design their design as per their choice.
  4. The platform provides support for all major SSO solutions such as CAS, JOSSO, OpenSSO, and JAAS, the standard authentication and authorization process for JEE.
  5. Multilingual support
  6. With the eXo platform, website creation is made so simple. Users can easily build advanced websites by developing or extending templates.
  7. Support for multi-party sites by using the same platform
  8. built-in content publication workflow and SEO
  9. Store and manage file documents in an xCMIS-compliant repository
  10. integrates with Bonita Open Solution
  11. Shared document library to manage process-related documents via the Content Explorer using a dedicated drive
  12. Please create your social collaboration platform with dashboards, discussion forums, calendars, and documents and invite another user to join them.
  13. Stay up-to-date with Activity streams.
  14. Support for Open-source powered Gadgets containers like OAuth, REST, and RPC Social APIs.
  15. Full-featured enterprise wiki and message Board with built-in security, rating, polls, and moderation.
  16. Powerful Question and Answers system to enhance your users’ knowledge assets
  17. in real-time Chat engine
  18. Web-based real-time multi-file Code editor
  19. Develop, test and deploy REST Services and Mashup Development Tools
  20. Native iOS and Android Apps


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