Expensify – Expense Tracking and Reporting tool

Expense reports can be created as well as submitted with the aid of this approach known as the Expensify. It is really a very efficient and intuitive application.


Expensify is used by several companies to pay back the outstanding expenses of the employees and the employees are free to create expense reports that are purely digital.

After check-in, by using the start up screen, users are able to create reports by choosing import credit cards, installing Expensify apps (for iPhone, Blackberry, or Android), or may invite colleagues to make an effort to run the application.

Under the consent reports tab, the users are impelled to advance to the completed reports to their finance sections. Then the approved reports are sent for physical offline processing, reject the wrong reports or send them back to for more comments.

Reimburses are able to QuickBooks or FreshBooks for importing accounts, generate expense policies, or else ask over their employees to make use of Expensify. The central report screen is user-friendly with region to go into the cash expenses, credit cards and mileage or to seek for expenses.

Drop down list of options for category and currency which are providing in addition to the space for sharing comments.

Features of Expensify

Expense :

  1. Expenses right can be imported directly from a bank account or credit card.
  2. Expensified e-receipts are guaranteed to all the purchases that are under $75.
  3. It provides the same ease of usability as a worksheet – categorize, tag, quickly rename, even comments can be added as well as receipts can be attached to expenses.

Mobile :

  1. Free apps are provided for Android, iPhone, Palm and BB.
  2. Expenses can be added to track to check the amount being spent.
  3. You should ever lose your receipt! The receipt should be directly uploaded onto your account or you should take some pictures of your receipts so that it does affect you even if it is lost.

Reports :

  1. Quickly edit as well as add expenses, provide layout customization, attach receipts and also check if any policy has been violated or not.
  2. Reports regarding the PDF expense can be sent to anyone within their email address.
  3. Projects are rejected or approved within a very short span of time.
  4. An account for direct checking is used for reimbursement after their approval has been received.
  5. Saving is possible in a possible or syncing of the accounting package of yours is also possible.

Mileage :

  1. Maps are used to judge your starting venue as well as ending venue of your work accurately so that you get the exact value of the total distance travelled by you for your business.
  2. Generated maps as well multiple destinations can be used for calculating the incurred mileage.
  3. Mileages can be added very quickly using the mobile apps that is available freely.

Expensify benefits small businesses a lot in the field of process of reporting expense. Integration of credit cards and smartphone enables the completion of reporting process completely through online, including reimbursement. Advantage is provided to all the users are it a student or any other professional.

Download : Expensify

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