Eyejot – client-free online video messaging platform

Eyejot is a remarkable software that you can use for harnessing the power of a video messaging in conveying tone, energy and emotion while also levering flexibility like an email system where every party can view messages as well as send them at their own time and convenience.

eyejot online video messaging

You will find it very easy to send video messages when you use the eyejot software. No need to install or download any kind of software to use eyejot video massaging platform.

You simply need to log into the account that you create on the eyejot website and upload or record your video and then send it.

The recipient of your video will get a friendly message informing him or her that he or she has received a video message that can be viewed with just a single click.

The eyejot online video messaging is a first client free online video massaging platform that you can use for creating video messages. it’s a perfectly designed platform for both uses personal as well as business communications.

it give you self-contained, spam-free environment where user can create and receive video massages immediately with any browser, on any platform.

Features of Eyejot

  1. The Eyejot software is one that is compatible with all kinds of web browsers. Popular examples include Mac OS X and Windows. If you have the Adobe Player application installed in your computer then you will be able to start using eyejot right away.
  2. Built In Features for Social Networks and Mobile Devices
  3. One of the most well known features of Eyejot software is that it has in built features for applications like ITunes, the IPod, social networks like Facebook and MySpace and mobile devices. So you can use this software very easily through your MySpace or Facebook account as well as through your IPod or whichever mobile phone device that you have.
  4. Spam Free Environment
  5. A really good feature of the Eyejot software product is that it enables you to create your videos within an environment that is completely free of spam and which is self contained. You do not need to worry about your videos being branded as spam when you sent it to the recipients.
  6. Compatible with all major web browser.
  7. Ability to Make Gestures and Facial Expressions through Email.

Thus, the Eyejot software is characterized by some really interesting features and is a very useful device that you can use for creating and sending videos.

Download : Eyejot

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