eZ Publish — Enterprise Open Source Web CMS

eZ Publish is an open source enterprise class Web content management system and development framework specially designed for intranets, e-commerce, corporate websites and digital media publishing. it allow you to Upload multiple files at once, Translate your content, publish the document directly from MS Word and also allow Multimedia publishing.

eZ Publish Web CMS

eZ Publish is written in PHP and use MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server for database.

Features of eZ Publish

  1. A rich and powerful Administration Interface : A rich and powerful administration interface allow you to displayed and modified content in various ways. The Administration Interface is the advanced back-end interface, providing powerful tools for content management and editing as well as site management, configuration, customization and development.
  2. Permission, rights management and access control : Role-based multi-user access system, e-commerce functions and online communities. This means that you can give a user or a group of users access to a combination of functions across the whole site or within a specific area of the site.
  3. Workflows : eZ Publish comes with an integrated workflow mechanism.
  4. Versioning and modification tracking : it will automatically keeps track of which content changes were made by which users at what time, and provides the option to revert content to a previous version.
  5. unique content model : it has a flexible content engine that enables administrators to create these content definitions directly through graphical user interfaces.
  6. Content cross publishing : User can re-use content throughout the site while avoiding inconsistent duplicates of content that are hard to maintain. If content appears at multiple locations, you only have to edit the object once – the changes will be reflected at all locations.
  7. Multi-site deployment : One installation of eZ Publish can host many different websites with the possibility to re-use content, functionality and design across the different sites.
  8. URL management and search engine optimization : eZ Publish create content that will be effectively indexed by search engines. Sitemaps, friendly URLs, and easy management of key XHTML tags are all built-in features.

Download: http://ez.no/

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