FinGears Magnetic Rings – Anti-Stress Fidget for Games

FinGears is a magnetic freestyle ring and Anti-Stress Fidget for games.

You can spin them, whirl them, do tricks, stick them to surfaces, play games with friends.

FinGears are available in 8 different color combinations and three different sizes.

Each box has a highlighted finger shape that’s 1mm more significant than the appropriate finger size.

You can use it to fit your index finger inside the shape for an approximate idea for your ring size.

Features of FinGears Magnetic Rings

  1. Completely modular and freestyle
  2. FinGears Magnetic Rings
  3. Tricks and games – Planetary Orbit trick, Eclipse trick, Axis Blade trick, The Katana trick, Magnetic Split skills, Tower Spin trick, Figure Eight methods, etc..
  4. Anti-stress
  5. Unlimited creativity
  6. multi-directional spin

Kickstarter Project

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