Fitango goal tracking tool

There is a basic set of goals which are desired to be fulfilled by many people every year. Unfortunately, several individuals among them fail to achieve or fulfill their goals. On meeting with failure may choose the other way round and goes off the track.


Individuals are thoroughly benefited after the creation of Fitango as a solid plan of action is already contained in it and mentally strong people will cling onto it to achieve their already set goals.

Fitango is a goal tracking tool that assist people thoroughly for achieving their respective goals and its working is also very simple. A plan can be created by any user or they are completely free to browse any of the plans that have already been an expert’s creation.

Even answers can be obtained from the Fitango experts that related to their very plan. A twofold user interaction is provided by this in the following way. Others can be invited to be the motivators of the users.

On agreeing to be the motivator by any user the appearance of progress bar is seen in the profile of other users. The other users are free to post their comments for even the small successes of each and every user.

Collaborative plans are the other way around. Several individuals are even free to plan out a work together that may even include the visit of the entire group to any exotic location across the world. 2009 was the year in which Fitango was founded.

This is New York City based and at the present moment the team of Fitango consists of renowned personalities that include CMO Tomy Shoenfeld, CEO Dov Biran and Parinda Muley, the Vice President of Business Development.

A site for social marketing is provided by Fitango that enables their improvement through motivation, plans and expert advice.

The color scheme provided by the website of Fitango is really very attractive and it contains the color scheme of green and blue and it a professional design.

Easy navigation is provided to each and every user and they also feel great after using this site. The plan progress of Fitango is extremely easy.

Status bars as well as scoring is done that enables users to see their current position with respect to the goal set before them.

Features of Fitango

  1. Free plans as well as access paid provided in the stores of the plan.
  2. Plans are modified as the needs of the users.
  3. The progress made towards the goal of yours can be visualized online and even through the use of a mobile device .
  4. A plan can be set that enables its working with a group that enables goal setting collectively.
  5. An expert will help you on any matter on the site of Fitango.

All are benefitted through the use of Fitango. A wide range of plans are available in Fitango and you are free to choose any one of them. The goal of any person will be surely achieved through the use of Fitango.

Download : Fitango

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