FlareVideo – HTML5 video player with Flash fallback

FlareVideo is an open source HTML5 supported video player that automatically fallback to flash, when browser not supported to HTML 5.

FlareVideo - HTML5 video player with Flash fallback

It written in jQuery, jQuery.Flash.js and offer Custom styled controls. User can easily customize the player interface using CSS-HTML and JS. it also support for theming, currently it offer 3 themes: default, spotify and Vimeo style.

Features of FlareVideo

  1. HTML5 video with Flash fallback
  2. Easy CSS/JS/HTML customization and theming
  3. Full screen support
  4. Completely open source and free for commercial use
  5. Support for all types format depends on your browser, such as MP4, FLV format for all browsers, Ogg format for Firefox and MP4, MOV format for Safari.
  6. Support for autoplay, width, height, poster (src to poster image), preload, autobuffer, keyShortcut (add listeners for space/escape key events), flashSrc (path to flash file), useNative Options.

Download : flarevideo

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