FlatPlan – online tool for creating and managing flatplans

Flatplan is an easy to use , web-based application for creation and organization of flatplans. It has been designed used by anyone who is involved with publications like newspapers, catalogues, magazines, books brochures and more. It is uncomplicated in nature, flexible, reasonably priced and it saves you a lot of time.

FlatPlan - online tool for creating and managing flatplans

FlatPlan Applications is an excellent tool for keeping track of editorial progress. It presents an up-to-date overview of the pages and the overall development. This let it maintain a record of the total production process. It is an affordable software. FlatPlan Applications requires an account owner to create a password protected account for your project. It is only the account owner who can alter billing information and cancel accounts. At present FlatPlan Applications supports all latest versions of Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

But FlatPlan Applications has excluded support for Internet Explorer 6 and 7 since these versions are outdated. They lack the criteria required to give you a unique FlatPlan experience. You can create a Flatplan, change settings like titles, deadlines and tables. You can archive a Flatplan when it is completed. You can select groups of people who can view a particular FlatPlan. You can notify others about changes that you make to your existing FlatPlan. This software is currently in beta state.

FlatPlan Applications has an active discussion forum and support base for your assistance.

Features of FlatPlan Applications

  1. Collaborate- It is easy to connect with other via your FlatPlan. FlatPlan lets you keep every one updated about the latest developments of the production. It notifies editors, designers and writers every time something is edited. You can get the notifications via email or RSS feed.
  2. Talk to basecamp- You can post deadlines directly to your Basecamp account from FlatPlan. Basecamp is an excellent tool to manage your projects.
  3. Security- Your FlatPlan account is password protected with SSl encryption. Thus your data is absolutely secured. FlatPlan Applications runs back-up cycles every 24 hours to ensure that your data is not lost.
  4. Export to PDF- With a single mouse click you can create a PDF document of your FlatPlan.
  5. Intuitive Interface- FlatPlan consists of a fresh and simple interface. It focuses on the content of the publication and uncomplicated accessible functionality.
  6. Automatic versioning- Flatplan automatically handles versioning of your Flatplans.
  7. FlatPlan does not require you to go through any installation processes. It does not run the risk of slowing down your computer or occupying large areas of your diskspace. It simply runs on your browser. Each account can have unlimited number of users.

FlatPlan Application is a basic software. It has exclusive features which make your job much easier. It may be called the missing link of magazine production. It maintains smooth workflow between the people involved- the editor, external designers and editorial co-workers internally. It helps in sharing overview in order to maintain the deadline. Using FlatPlan will surely give you 100% satisfaction.

Download : http://flatplanapp.com/

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