Create user friendly Survey with Floodlight

Floodlight application helps you to manage the different survey you conduct with people. with the different features, you can easily develop your surveys to make them more meaningful and attractive to the users. If User like your survey they can also refer the survey to other people if they find it good.

Floodlight survey

This application is very comprehensive and flexible as well as efficient when it comes to managing and developing surveys. You can also create developing surveys and other different kinds of surveys for your customers to get their opinions regarding different aspects. The surveys help you to know your customers and clients better and their queries and information about different things.

The Floodlight application also gives you scope to develop your relations with your clients giving them offers for taking the survey and giving them as such further information. The surveys have always been fascinating people. Online surveys, which bring with them interesting facts and tags, have always made people curious and inquisitive to take up that survey and get the further information. As such, surveys should be developed by more inquisitive information to attract the user.

The Floodlight tool effectively helps you to make surveys and develop them in the way you want. You can edit, create and launch surveys according to the way you want. Apart from that, you can also invite people to get to your survey and take it through sending them invitees through the mail addresses.

This application tool also lets you interact well with your clients to get more information about your service to them and to see how far information they have about your service. You can easily send your surveys to others through websites where you can upload and advertise your survey for the people to take it.

Apart from that, you can also upload through your smart phone through the browser application associated with the smart phone. Floodlight lets you connect and get top your respondents wherever they might be. The analysis tools and non-technical interface lets you quickly and effectively create and develop your surveys for your respondents. You can easily create a free account and start making and developing surveys away for your respondents and clients.

Features of Floodlight

  1. You can create and validate existing surveys by uploading tin websites and validating services offered by the application.
  2. The easy to use and quick features let you create numerous custom made pages for your survey to categorize it in the way you want it to be.
  3. Easy to Customize the look-and-feel and branding of web surveys.
  4. Validate/require survey responses
  5. XHTML-compliant, accessible surveys for non-visual and mobile access
  6. Summarize geographical data with map charts
  7. Real-time data integration using SOAP/XML
  8. Easily reach respondents via the web, phone, or mobile device
  9. Text-to-speech engines available for speaking unrecorded
  10. Real-time respondent tracking
  11. Easy to use pre-built survey templates

Floodlight is an effective application for use for the different surveys creation and development as per your requirement.

Download : Floodlight

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