FluidHtml – text-based markup language that dynamically generate Flash content

FluidHtml is a new text-based markup language that lets you dynamically generate fully searchable Flash content. Structured like HTML, FluidHtml allows any web developer to dynamically generate fully searchable, highly animated websites, ads, media players and 3D animations quickly and easily and is also compatible with all major browsers with no additional plug-ins or download required.

FluidHtml - text-based markup language

it solves the Flash search related problem by exposing the markup text to search engines. Now web publishers can combine the human appeal of rich media with all the business benefits of the web. it used server side web technologies such as Java, .NET and PHP, And it includes a liquid layout engine with significantly more flexible than CSS.

Features of FluidHtml

  1. Search Engine Friendly Flash Content – RIAs created in FluidHtml are Search Engine Friendly as HTML language.
  2. Deeplinking works – Now SEM team can run marketing campaigns that link directly to the content, product or service that they are promoting.
  3. Animation – FluidHtml has a remarkably powerful animation engine that allows you to generate scripted animations on the fly.
  4. Easy to use – FluidHtml makes it much easier to build RIAs. Whereas ActionScript, the authoring language for Flash, is hard to learn and requires serious programming skills, anyone that can code HTML can code FluidHtml also.
  5. Lower development costs – FluidHtml RIAs can be developed by less expensive programmers and require fewer man hours to build than Flash.
  6. Lower support costs – Changes and updates to compiled applications are a costly pain in the butt. With FluidHtml, changes are as normal as HTML updates and have associated, much lower costs. Change your site daily if you like.
  7. Dynamic content generation – 1,000s of pages assembled from assets in a CMS like the normal web and these pages can be assembled based upon user data, input, changing of the seasons, any computed element.
  8. Complete Animated Websites – Complete websites with thousands of pages can be built in FluidHtml – this is unthinkable in Flash.
  9. 3D – FluidHtml makes complex 3D animations easy – something that’s exceedingly difficult in Flash 10.
  10. Runtime Databinding – FluidHtml supports databinding so that one object’s behavior can be linked to another object dynamically.
  11. Websites within websites – FluidHtml supports Flash-within-flash and can display websites within websites.
  12. Liquid Layout – FluidHtml has a liquid layout engine which means that objects will maintain their relative position to each other as the page is re-sized and modified.

Download: FluidHtml

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