Flux – Advanced XHTML and CSS code editor


Flux is an advanced WYSIWYG XHTML editor that allow you to create stunning websites from scratch. It’s not template based code editor, it’s a creative design environment.

Flux XHTML and CSS code editor

Where designer can do almost anything without touching or even seeing XHTML/CSS . But you can meddle with the code if you want. Flux is a specially designed to give you high-performance features such as you can drag, stretch, and move objects like a you can in a DTP application, and your WebPages will look exactly how you intended.

It will generate all the code for you, with no unnecessary tags, syntax highlighting for HTML and CSS, auto-completion and line numbering. Flux is also support for XHTML and HTML5.

Features of Flux:

  • Edit your sites directly off an FTP or SFTP site
  • All elements from a DIV to a PARAM to a CSS Rule can be edited in the Inspector.
  • Drag and drop design of web pages
  • Apply cool (or cheesy) effects to images from right within Flux
  • Attach funky JavaScript actions to your page without having a clue what you’re doing
  • Easy to Embed QuickTime Movies, Flash and other objects.

Requirement :

  • At least 512MB of RAM
  • Mac OS X Leopard or Snow Leopard (Recommended)
  • Both Intel and PowerPC are supported


  • 30 days trial period

Download the trial version: Flux

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