Fontographer – Versatile Font editor for graphic designer

Designers as well as publishers use the facility of Fontographer which is a classic font editor that contains very powerful and effective typographic tools that are provided with an easy-to-use package.

Fontographer for mac

The existing fonts can be easily expanded that includes symbols, fractions, logos in Type 1 and foreign characters, TrueType and Open Type fonts, or the creation of an entire typeface that is free from scratch.

Fontographer create the fonts that are suitable to be included in any program that are provided with a font menu on Macintosh and Windows platforms.

The version 5 of Fontographer includes, Freehand versions with copy-paste compatibility with new Illustrator, support for the Euro character, Export of OTF Layout, Import/Export of FontLab file format,

encoding tables and expanded Unicode, Modernized and Streamlined Unicode creation of font, the feature of New Glyph searching, CJKV font support to 20,000+ characters.

Most of the bitmap formats are acceptable for the Ease of Use of auto trace. Several tools are provided by Fontographer provides an easy way for manipulation of texts for professionals as well as beginners.

Special symbols, fractions, logos, foreign characters can be easily added through the use of Fontographer. Key maps can be printed for all your fonts that will help you in easy customization.

The Real-time features of Fontographer allow you to edit design, and manipulate fonts in various ways of the editing windows.

You can even view the work of yours in the window of Metrics provided to you that enables you to see the characters that you intend to print.

The fonts of the TrueType cannot be edited by the Fontographer in any native format. The fonts are then converted into the PostScript for editing and again they are converted back into the TrueType before actually generating them.

The version of 4.7.3 of Fontographer has no additional feature except being an Mac OS X-native since it has been released. However.

the new company’s main objective of Mac OS X has not introduced any problem other than the annoying Font Lab’s reassignment. The classic Fontographer 4’s users should use the version 4.7.3 which is completely stable and bug-free.

Features of Fontographer

  1. Opening and generation of TrueType, Type 1, Type 3, Open Type and Multiple Master fonts.
  2. Working files can be exchange with Type Tool, FontLab Studio or ScanFont using the facility of VFB format of FontLab.
  3. You can perform the action of copy-paste as well as can import the bitmap images or outline artwork.
  4. Font Window is the place where you can view all the characters of your font.
  5. The encoding of the font can be examined as well as modified.
  6. Glyph Window is the place where you change or design any character.
  7. Metrics Window is the place for kerning and editing metrics
  8. You are free for an easy set up and modification, font parameters that are technical, line spacing settings and font naming in a dialog box of Font Info.

Thus, Fontographer provides a comprehensive tool that provides fast and easy editing. The fonts are available can be easily expanded and several features can be added to them to make it more appealing.

Download : Fontographer

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