Free databaseless ASP.NET Wiki engine – ScrewTurn Wiki

ScrewTurn Wiki is a free, lightweight ASP.NET wiki engine that allow you to create, manage and share wikis. It based on ASP.NET platform and use simple, built-in flat file-system for database or, if you want to improve performance and scalability, you can use SQL Server too.

Free databaseless ASP.NET Wiki engine - ScrewTurn Wiki

ScrewTurn Wiki can be easily extended and customized with plugins and themes. Its content caching systems helps you to improve performances and page rendering time. It is mainly focused on ease of use and deployment. It is configurable at runtime through a clear administration interface. Theming is also available using CSS. It also supports for page revisions and rollbacks, drafts, attachments, simplified file sharing as well as advanced permissions configuration.

It can be considered both a Wiki and a Personal Wiki because it also has a Desktop Edition that runs locally without the need to be installed on a web server. ScrewTurn Wiki is free and open source project released under GPLv2 License.

Features of ScrewTurn Wiki

  1. Clear and simple syntax much like MediaWiki syntax
  2. WYSIWYG content editor
  3. Multiple storage options
  4. Databaseless wiki engine
  5. Plugin and Theming system
  6. Support for Host Blocking
  8. Unicode Support
  9. Multi-languages supported interface
  10. Support for Email notification and Threaded Comments
  11. Support for WYSIWYG Editing
  12. Section Editing
  13. Free and open-source project
  14. Support for File Attachments and easy to Embedded Flash and videos to wikis

Download : ScrewTurn Wiki

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