12 Best Free Online Collaborative whiteboard


Here is 12 useful and free online collaborative whiteboard.

Some of them are online applications and others are smartphone applications but all applications are absolutely free to use.

1 Scribblar – Online Collaborative Whiteboard

Scribblar Online Collaborative Whiteboard

Scribblar is a free and easy to use online collaborative whiteboard that is ideal for Online training and tutoring, online interviews and tests, and conducting creative brainstorming session.

It allows users to create a chart, diagram, or other tools to help with a project or other tasks.

It’s a multi user whiteboard apps that give you crystal clear live audio, image, and artwork or diagram collaboration, text chat, and many more. – Scribblar

2 Groupboard – Multi User Collaborative Whiteboard


Groupboard is a multi user online whiteboard software and collaborative drawing tool that specially designed for business and educational purposes.

With Groupboard, 5 users can work collaboratively at the time on one board. – Groupboard

3 Dabbleboard – Free Online Collaborative Whiteboard


Dabbleboard is also easy to use, free collaborative whiteboard apps that allows multiple users to draw pictures simultaneously although distributed geographically and collaborate with coworkers in real time.

It’s an ideal tool for a person who uses a real dashboard, in business and education.

4 Twiddla – Real Time Online Collaborative Whiteboard


Twiddla is a free, web based meeting playground and a real time collaborative whiteboard that help you to share ideas, Markup websites, graphics, and photos, discuss and edit them online and start brainstorming session on a blank canvas. – Twiddla

5 Board800 – Flash Based Multi User Collaborative Whiteboard

board800 - Best Free Online Collaborative Whiteboard

Board800 is a flash based online multi-user whiteboard application that specially designed for online tutoring, brainstorming, training, prototyping and similar tasks that required collective thinking. – Board800

6 AWWapp – Online Touch Friendly Collaborative Whiteboard

AWWapp - Best Free Online Collaborative Whiteboard

AWWapp is an online touch friendly whiteboard app that allows you to use your smartphone, tablets, or computers to easily draw sketches and collaborate with your co-workers.

No need to install any special software to use AWWapp, all modern browsers provide support for AWWapp. – AWWapp

7 Nota – Collaborative Whiteboard Wiki

Nota whiteboard free online collaborative whiteboard - Best Of

Nota is a collaborative whiteboard wiki that Mashes your ideas and media together with your friends.

It’s a collaborative whiteboard where users can create, share, and collaborate online materials such as text, video, maps, clip art, images, and many more.

It also allows you to embed your work in your blogs or website and social networking sites such as Facebook. – Nota

8 Scriblink – Online Collaborative Whiteboard

scriblink free online collaborative whiteboard - Best Of

Scriblink is an online collaborative whiteboard that allows users to collaborate documents online in real time.

Whether it is layout planning, concept diagramming or tutoring a friend in math.

Scriblink is a free whiteboard application that doesn’t require any special software or any registration to use the Scriblink whiteboard. – Scriblink

9 Sneffel – Collaborative Virtual Whiteboard

sneffel whiteboard free online collaborative whiteboard - Best Of

Sneffel is a free collaborative virtual whiteboard that helps you to share your ideas and collaborate with them.

It’s an HTML5 based whiteboard that uses WebSockets and the canvas tag. – Sneffel

10 CoSketch.com – Collaborative Whiteboard

cosketch.com free online collaborative whiteboard - Best Of

CoSketch.com is a free, multi user online whiteboard collaboration that give you the ability to quickly visualize ideas and share them as images.

The software is very easy to use and doesn’t require any registration, fees, and plugins or downloads. – CoSketch.com

11 Skrbl – Online Multi User Collaborative Whiteboard

skrbl free online collaborative whiteboard - Best Of

Skrbl is a free and easy to use online multi-user whiteboard where user can share their ideas, write notes, sketch drawing, upload pictures, and many more in a shareable URL with colleagues and let you work better together.

12 FlockDraw – Collaborative Whiteboard

Flockdraw - Best Free Online Collaborative Whiteboard

FlockDraw is an easy to use, simple online whiteboard based on drawing and painting tool.

Users can easily draw any pictures online simultaneously with multiple people.

Each whiteboard offers unlimited simultaneous access to whiteboard but only 10 people can draw the pictures in real time.

Registration is not required to create your own group drawing session. – Flockdraw

Here is useful another collaborative Whiteboard apps

  1. Whiteboard – Collaborative Drawing – Whiteboard Lite
  2. Whiteboard HD – Whiteboard HD
  3. Instaviz pocket whiteboard for iPhone – Instaviz whiteboard
  4. ZigZag Board – ZigZag Board is a collaborative whiteboard for your iPad and the Web.
  5. SyncPad – ultimate whiteboard for real time remote and local collaboration – SyncPad whiteboard

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