FreeMind – open source mind mapping tool to visualize your ideas

FreeMind is an open source cross platform mind mapping tool written in Java that allow you to visualize ideas, projects, concepts, internet research or any other task that can benefit from a structured overview.


As a Java application, FreeMind is portable tool across all platforms and retains its same user interface, causing some amount of variation from the common interface in each platform.

it use the Swing GUI toolkit for Java and offer some useful features such as Folding branches, Fast one-click navigation, Undo, Smart Drag’n Drop, Smart copying and pasting into and from, Export of map to HTML with folding, Find facility, use and edit long multiline nodes, easy to decorate nodes with built-in icons, colors and different fonts, Export document to PDF and OpenDocument and images to PNG, JPEG and SVG formats and also allow you to store maps in XML format.

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